If you’re looking for a great holiday on Menorca, villas in stunning locations here will introduce you to this beautiful holiday island.

Why this island?

If you’re looking for a Miterranean holiday that still has echoes of an unspoilt island. Culture, then Menorca villas might be for you.
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Of course, nobody can pretend that 20th century tourism didn’t touch this island. There are one or two resorts. That are a little larger and livelier than others, but then again. The island has to cope with the demands of visitors and they ne facilities. Yet on the whole, even the larger resorts are relatively small. And constrain by the standards of some other Spanish destinations.

For example, Calan Forcat is often cit as being the biggest resort on the island.
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But you may struggle to believe it if you look at photographs. Typically, Menorca villas and even the resorts don’t look as if they have been impos on the landscape. They look like they evolv out of it. Some resorts are hardly resorts at all in the conventional sense: perhaps a scattering of villas. A small hotel or so and a beautiful beach with a few simple bars and restaurants. This is essentially the thing that makes this island different. It’s an over-us word but it still applies – ‘unspoilt’.

Menorca Bathing

One of the island’s proudest boasts is that it has more beaches than Ibiza and Majorca (Mallorca) combin. Certainly it has an enviable number and some of these can only easily be reach by car or a combination of car and foot. Many of the island’s beaches are sandy and of excellent quality and safe for those who are not strong swimmers.

Though of course, local safety instructions must be follow and younger children must always be closely supervis. Some beaches (e.g. those at Son Bou – the longest on the island) have controll access points in order to protect local dunes and their wildlife. This illustrates another theme common on the island – sustainable tourism. You’ll see echoes of that everywhere, and it is partly why huge hotels on the island are a comparative rarity and why on Menorca, villas are so popular.

Getting around Menorca

There is public transport on the island but it’s relatively limit. In many resorts and villa locations, you’ll ne a car both for practical things like shopping but also to get around and see places such as Mahon and Ciutadella (two musts on your itinerary). Yet having your own accommodation will position you to become part of the island’s culture for the duration of your stay. You’ll be effectively living there – shopping like a local, sampling local delicacies and generally “living the life”.

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