Trump’s appointee According to the American Immigration Council, it is a difficult day for the US as well as the rule of law.
The US President Joe Biden had temporarily suspended the policy calling it “inhumane”, but courts ordered it to be resumed.
The policy led to thousands of migrants being forced to remain in unsafe conditions at the Mexican border.
Republicans welcome the decision because it restores order to the border areas.
Mexico now accepts the policy, called Remain in Mexico. In return for concessions like a faster turnaround time for asylum decisions, and a US-Mexico program for Central America development, Mexico agreed to this.

The program was created by former US President Donald Trump to allow more than 60,000.
Many migrants were left in Mexico waiting for months and sometimes falling prey to criminal gangs.
Human Rights First reports that there were more than 1,500 cases of kidnapping and rape against migrants returning to Mexico.
As part of his campaign promise to reverse the hardline immigration policies implemented by his predecessor, Mr. Biden immediately suspended the program.
What are Biden’s challenges at the frontier?
The policy was ended by Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary.
In August, Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk of the federal court, Trump’s appointee, ruled against the cancellation.
The Biden administration appeals against the decision.
Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, stated that President Trump stands by his past comments about the “unjustified human cost” of the program.
She said, “But we also believe that the law should be followed.”
To address Mexico’s concerns, the policy was rewritten to reduce the time required to process asylum applications to six months.
The implementation of the law is expected to start next week at California and Texas ports of entry.