Neglecting Customer Research

All J nuts manufacturing companies should not forget who their target audience is since this is the worst thing they can ever do. While they do not necessarily have to know what these people do everyday, they need to, more or less, identify their age segment, job function and the things they look for in a supplier.

When they do not know anything about their customers and just send them marketing collateral, they are just wasting their time and that of their customers, which both parties will not like.

They can divide their audience into different categories. These include previous customers, existing customers and potential customers. If they are preparing an email to promote to people who have never bought their products/services, they should only send their message to new prospects that are applicable to the campaign and not to existing customers.

Those who are going over this may think that they are expected to keep an organized list of contacts. They have to gather lots of information and separate their contacts into different lists that could help them.
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If their company caters to a several, different industries, they should know which customers are connected with which industries. They should collect all the data they can about their contacts to ensure they are appealing to the right target.

Waiting For The Big Fish

When businesses land a big fish, meaning a big-time customer, this can change their fortune in an instant. However, they should not ignore smaller jobs and orders since, who knows, they might be passing up potential treasures. Usually, companies place small, initial orders to try out new suppliers.

Passing up such opportunities or not providing their full support can significantly reduce their chances of making future business and even worse, hurt their J nuts manufacturing company’s reputation.

They should treat small jobs like auditions and consider them as opportunities to show their knowledge, expertise and professionalism while they try to learn more about their operations, give personalized service and handle whatever problems there may be.

This way, they can prove to be worthy of bigger businesses. The way they handle jobs can reach other potential customers fast through word-of-mouth.

Being Too Passive

Businesses have to be on their potential customers’ list to boost sales and make their business grow. However, they need to be visible so they can get on these shortlists. So, they need to make sure that they are seeing by potential buyers who are searching for new suppliers

Inbound marketing is an effective way of drawing potential customers instead of running after them by means of mass advertising or cold calling. However, there are so many J nuts manufacturers out there that are waiting for. The same prospects to find their websites, contact them and sign up.

On the other hand, industrial marketing works differently. They have to create relevant content and make sure people can see it, which means, they have to use email marketing, organic SEO, paid ads and paid social media.
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