The concepts of US president Joe Biden shared to address Moscow’s security concerns in a telephone conversation to Russian the president Vladimir Putin Saturday did not “touch on” these requirements “key aspects” according to the Kremlin stated. The countries ranging all the way from Netherlands from the Netherlands to Saudi Arabia urged their nationals to flee Ukraine in the wake of tensions escalating due to the influx over 100,000 Russian troops close to the border with Ukraine. Follow the events of the day as they unfolded on France 24.

Russian president Vladimir Putin told US President Joe Biden that Moscow would examine the ideas he proposed to address Russia’s security concerns during a telephone call on Saturday, but they had not yet addressed Moscow’s top concerns in the first place, the Kremlin declared.

Biden and Putin called each other in the midst of intense tensions about the Russian military presence near Ukraine which has sparked fears of an imminent invasion. Russia consistently denied plans to invade Ukraine.

In a meeting with reporters, Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov said the conversation was businesslike and said that it was held in the context of “hysteria” in the West concerning a possible Russian invasion, which he claimed was absurd.

Ushakov claimed that Biden was asking for the vote to be held on Saturday because of the growing tensions.

“Biden predicted that he might mention severe sanctions against Russia within the context of the tensions surrounding Ukraine However, this was not the subject of his lengthy exchange with the Russian president,” Ushakov said.

Biden said Biden offered a range of options to deal with the myriad of security concerns that Russia has made to the West in the last few months and included a veto over Ukraine ever being a part of NATO.

“I will take note of the fact that Biden’s Russian president’s response was in the sense that Biden’s Russian side would closely analyze the points made by Biden and, without doubt, be taking them into consideration,” Ushakov said.

“But unfortunately, as was mentioned, these ideas don’t touch on the most fundamental components in Russian initiative,” the Kremlin official stated.

Ushakov claimed that Biden’s proposals mostly echoed the concepts laid by the US. and NATO counter-proposals for Russia’s security demands , which were released on the 26th of January.

He added that Russia had almost finished formulating its response to these counterproposals and was set to announce its response soon.

US president Joe Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call on Saturday, saying to say that Russia will be retaliated against by the United States “will respond decisively and impose swift and serious cost on Russia” should it decide to invade Ukraine.

In a statement of the White House, Biden stressed that “while the United States remains prepared to engage in diplomacy in complete cooperation in full coordination with Allies and allies, we are also ready for the possibility of other situations”.

The meeting of the leaders resulted in no significant change to the tense situation about Russian troops that are swarming around Ukraine an official from the senior US official said.

The conference was “professional and substantial” and lasted just more than an hour. There was nothing fundamentally different in the dynamic that has been unfolding for a few days,” the official, speaking under the conditions of anonymity, said to reporters.

7:59 pm Paris time
Macron to meet with Germany’s Scholz as well as the Ukrainian’s Zelensky and Biden following Putin calls
French president Emmanuel Macron will speak to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as well as US Joe Biden. Joe Biden Saturday as fears grow that Russia is in the process of preparing to attack Ukraine Macron’s office announced.

Macron said in a meeting during a phone call with Russian Putin during a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier Saturday that the West will react by “determination” in the event that Russia attack Ukraine and the Ukraine, it said.

French Presidential aides stated that Paris was of the view the possibility that Putin was of the opinion “that the fact that it wasn’t him that initiated the escalated situation” rather, it was the West who stepped up to at the Russian border.

Putin’s aim was his goal of “neutralisation of Ukraine.
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 He is aware that this is not acceptable (for those in the West) and his military exercises pose the risk of escalating further” They said.
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Putin continued to be provocative and demanding, “taking care nevertheless to keep his options open” They said.

France will strengthen its advice for its citizens, telling that they should not travel to Ukraine However, it will not demand that they depart the country. office of the president stated.

6:49 pm Paris time
Biden along with Putin close their phone calls regarding Ukraine crisis
A meeting with US Vice President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin Saturday on the Russian troops that are advancing on Ukraine ended after an 2 minutes and an hour according to the White House said.

“President Biden’s secure phone call on the phone with Russian Putin was secured. The call with President Putin was concluded around 12:00” at (1706 GMT), an official confirmed. The call began around 1604 GMT.