7 Types of Diamante Bracelets UK one must have in the collection


Everyone likes having a perfect jewelry collection especially bracelets because they always remain in fashion, look trendy and can be worn both by men and women of any age. But selecting the right one for the collection can be a task when one has little knowledge of the types or wants to know the categories from which the best one can be selected for wearing. There are 8 major categories of Diamante bracelets UK which can enhance the collection of all the jewelry lovers which are explained here:

Bangles or thin bracelets:

These bracelets originate from old Indian bangles jewelry and were specially worn by the queens (Maharanis) from the royal families of India. They are thin and rigid, made of gold, silver, copper or crystal and do not have any lock for opening and clasping. Rather they are worn on the wrists by sliding over the hands and they come in various sizes so the buyer can select accordingly. They are usually worn in sets of 4, 6, 8 and so on. However, for a style statement, people can also wear a single bangle which compliments the dress they wear. They come in different designs or patterns engraved on them.

Chain or loop bracelets:

Small loops of metal, gold, silver or copper are connected together to form a chain-like structure. They are flexible and easy to wear. These bracelets sometimes have symbolic items attached to them such as decorative stars, Eiffel tower replicas, clouds or whatever the buyer likes. They are usually durable and also can be custom-styled easily by the wearer. They come in different shades to match the outfit one is wearing. They also have locks and clasps attached unlike the bangles so wearing them is much easier comparatively. People also hang their good luck charms and amulets with such chain bracelets to make them look special or religious.

Tennis diamante bracelets UK:

To elevate the look of any outfit, no matter how glam or formal they are, tennis bracelets are the perfect jewelry. They are usually lined with diamonds and other stones such as rubies, emeralds etc. and go with any kind of dress. Their popularity has increased in the past few years and all the jewelry lovers think of it as a must have in their collection.

Cuff-lock bracelets:

Just like hand-cuffs, these bracelets are an amalgamation of bangles and lock bracelets. They are rigid but have a lock or clasp to wear them easily. Some of them also come without clasp, they just have an open end so one can adjust them according to their wrist size which makes them so easy to wear. They also have various designs to match the look of the day and are worn by both men and women. They come in different metals and non-metals such as leather to give men a rough and tough style statement.

Designers or custom-made bracelets:

When people talk about high-end jewelry, custom or designer made Diamante bracelets UK take the attention. They are usually designed according to the choice of the customer and are made of expensive metals like gold, platinum and are infused with expensive stones such as Belgium-cut diamonds, rubies, emeralds etc. The price range of such Diamante bracelets UK also depends upon the popularity of the designer who designsthem. They are quite durable and liked by everyone and for a high-end collection, they must occupy a space in the jewel box.

Charm and bead bracelets:

Charm bracelets are usually used as a symbol of good luck and love. Symbolic items such as small locks, pendants etc. are attached to chains and are given as gifts to others also. These are usually cheap as are locally made and can be found in dollar shops or thrift stores also. But a good supplier will always have a quality item so one doesn’t have to buy them from dollar stores. They are also worn as reminders of a beautiful memory or to represent the mood of a person. They have more abstract meanings than just worn as jewelry.

Beady bracelets are handmade mostly and represent a bohemian look. They are customized according to the demand of the customer and are quite cheap or inexpensive. However, for teenagers, for meditators, and spiritual believers they are symbolic and are worn by them frequently.

Pearl infused bracelets:

Another form of Diamante Bracelets UK are the pearl bracelets. They are one of a kind as the pearls are a part of nature, found from oysters in the sea. They were worn in the early 60s and 70s as a symbol of class and elegance. Still today, women from rich and classy British families prefer to wear pearl bracelets. They are found in shades such as off-white, grey, shiny light shade of pink and sometimes black pearls are worn too but they are rare and expensive. They can be worn with sundresses, gowns, and even with glam outfits sometimes. They are a part of every designer made jewelry and are liked by women of all ages.


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