Kilts definition


According to the kilt’s definition, it is bifurcated knee-length apparel worn since the 16th century by Scotland’s Highlanders. It was once worn by Scotland’s natives, but now, the limitations are over, and anyone can wear the kilt. These days, both men and women can wear apparel without any obligations. In the old times, kilted dresses were tailored for men only. In short, kilts are a great addition to the wardrobe. If you are looking to purchase the clothing, you must read the article to help you big time, clearing your confusion and guiding you on what to choose and what not to choose.

Is calling a Scottish Kilt Skirt offensive?

Most of the non-sports scratch their head over the mentioned above question. Of course, when you are not linked with heritage, these sorts of problems often arise. To answer the question, Kilts re not a skirt as it is a symbol of masculinity in the Celtic heritage. It can be offensive to some natives as it can indirectly give off a message that the Scottish Kilt men are effeminate. That is why do not use the skirt as the synonym for the kilt.

Are Kilts Irish or Scottish?

Kilt has deep-set roots in both Irish and Scottish culture. The kilt is known to be the symbol of pride and honor in both countries. However, there is much difference in the kilted dress of the country including the accessories too. When it comes to the Scotland, the dress is still worn with full devotion to the Celtic culture. In contrast, Ireland has a lower number of people who prefer wearing the dress daily.

Can women wear a kilt according to the history of the kilt?

Back in the old days, highlander women were not allowed to wear the kilts. Instead, they used to wear an ankle-length skirt along with a matching color blouse. Their dresses were made of Tartan fabric, too, just like men’s kilts. The women used to wear the skirts along with a brooch, Arasaid, and a clan-badge.        

Where to buy the kilts these days?

Due to the ongoing Pandemic, it is near impossible for us to go out and purchase the kilt from stores. That is the reason why we recommend purchasing the Great Kilt outfit from online stores. However, online stores, at times, spam customers of their money with poorly tailored products. Suppose you want to purchase a premium quality Kilt in the affordable range. In that case, I recommend visiting our store and making your purchase. You will surely not be disappointed, visit our website


As per Kilts definition, it is a beautiful traditional dress worn by the locals of Scotland.  The knee-length kilted skirt is high in demand these days. You can find various designs in the kilted apparel. Not just that, the dress is now worn by females too. Our online store makes sure that all the customers would not be robbed of their money and be provided with a high-quality product at an affordable price.


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