One of the most fun-filled and exciting parts of sleepaway camp is learning all kinds of new sports. Although lots of kids have been involved in athletic programs like T-ball, soccer, recreational basketball and swimming lessons since they were little, summer camp exposes them to a wealth of new sports and also lets them play familiar ones in a more relaxed environment. Summer camp emphasizes fun over winning; so kids can just chill out on the playing fields and have a blast.

Just Relax and Have Fun

With the increasing intensity of youth sports these days, many parents are seeing their little hockey player or baseball shortstop earning a super sports scholarship or place in the major leagues. And somehow in this ultra-competitive climate, many parents and kids have lost sight of what a sport is: it’s a game, and games are supposed to be fun. Summer camp sports let kids of all abilities tap into the fun, light-hearted aspects of playing, without the added stress of intense coaches, anxious parents or critical teammates. They can be silly kids again and not just little athletes.

Sports skills

Camp counselors can help kids learn and improve in a lot of different sports. From some pointers on hitting a softball to the right way to make a foul shot, well-trained, empathetic counselors can make learning new sporting skills fun, letting kids build up skills in a non-threatening environment. They can learn it’s OK to fail at first, that perseverance and determination are great attributes to develop.


Summer sleepaway camp emphasizes the importance of sportsmanship, of working together as a team, supporting each other, cheering each other on and learning how to contribute and accept new ideas. Kids learn how win and lose with grace, and counselors encourage them to help each other. Whether your child is the superstar of a Little League team or the kid who has been afraid to even try out, camp is a place to participate and have fun without fear of not being good enough.

All Kinds of Sports

All kids are different, and camp provides a huge variety of sports from team-oriented to more individualized athletic endeavors. With so much to choose from, kids can have fun with the familiar or try something new. While playing on a team can help kids learn to work. Effectively together, sports like swimming, tennis and horseback riding lets each child develop skills at his or her own speed. The beginning swimmer can have the joy of working hard and moving up to advanced levels. Thus experiencing the joy of working hard toward achieving a specific goal. Your child may make great strides toward improving a golf swing or mastering a super tennis serve with the extra help provided at camp.

Healthy Habits

Getting outside and playing sports and games is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Kids at overnight summer camp have the amazing luxury of getting. Out there on lakes, playgrounds, swimming pools, tennis courts and horseback riding trails. Though they probably only think of all these activities as fun, they are actually developing lifelong. Habits of a healthy lifestyle with lots of fresh air and exercise. The more ways kids learn to exercise and stay fit.
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The more likely they are to seek out these kids of activities all year round.
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