What is Keyword Ad History:


Hi again! In the previous modules, we performed competitive research to beat our competition online. Then, we performed keyword research to create a pool of keywords to use in a future PPC campaign.

We are nearly done launching our first campaign, but so far, we have neglected one of the most important and intuitive steps: writing ads that no one could resist clicking.

Let’s get some ideas for targeting certain keywords with our ads. We will use the “Keyword Ad History” report, which will show you which ads were triggered by a particular search query over the last twelve months.

This assists you in creating your own ads following the best examples. Let us analyze the keyword, “pizza near me.”

History Keyword Ad History:

You have seen the “Ad History” report in our discussion of domain analytics. And now, let’s explore the “Keyword Ad History” report. Type in one of your main keywords in the search box at the top of the interface and check out the “Ad History” report in the “Keyword Analytics” section for example we choose a keywords which is a “Royal Princess Dress Up Party” here royal princess is a keyword you can choose a keyword which you want to select.

Review this table to discover who else has been targeting this keyword over the past year and how they’re managing their ads by trial and error.

The table view is a convenient way to see exactly your competitors ranked each month for the keywords you’re interested in, when they surpassed each other and how they did it.

Focus on ads with higher rankings, since they are appreciated by Google the most. Also, pay attention to Google Analytics metrics such as “Amount of Ads Traffic,” “Ads Traffic Price,” and the total number of ads a certain domain earned.

Click the position of the ad you are interested in and you’ll see the appropriate ad copy. Now, you can analyze its appearance, contents and the landing page it’s pointing to.

Summary of What is Keyword Ad History Topic:

To summarize: in this lesson, we nurtured our imagination by scrutinizing our competitors’ ads with the “Ad History” report.

Check it out and try entering different keywords to get ideas for ads from best-performing domains.

Remember to do Keyword Selection for ads:

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