Kickass Torrent, also known as KAT, was the most popular torrent site in existence until 2015. KAT was established in 2008. It has quickly risen to become the most popular directory for torrent files in a short period. It had a record of over one million daily visitors.

However, the Kickass Torrents were taken over by the US government and shut down in 2016.

The Kickass Site is popular, providing free access to copyrighted movies and software. As a result, users could download software and data without having to pay for it.

The US authorities shut down the website because it was being used to distribute unauthorized material. As a result, it became a favorite destination for internet pirates. They could get the premium and free software and data.

Despite this, most people continue to look for torrent sites. There are indeed several other P2P services that you can use in its steads, such as Kickass Torrent Clones or mirrors. Use a virtual private network (VPN) to avoid difficulties with your Internet service provider when accessing these.

These mirrors or proxy sites may not seem or function the same way as the actual KAT website; you will download the files you wish with no difficulty.


Kickass torrents–KAT–Proxy/Mirror Sites List

Following the closure of the original Kickass Torrents, some users searched on Google for alternative sites like KAT. Many sites share the same name (category) as an existing site others claim to be new versions or clones of the old one.

Here are some of the most popular Kickass Torrents Proxy/Mirror Sites List.

Alternatives to KickAss Torrent

If you’re experiencing trouble accessing the KAT mirror website, try using one of these alternatives.

Here are some of the most popular Kickass Torrents Alternatives Sites.

The Pirate Bay

  • This site provides both magnet links and torrent files.
  • It supports all available torrent clients like BitTorrent, Torrent, Vuze, and Deluge.
  • It has a vast collection of torrent files that you can easily download.

However, do note that The Pirate bay uses a lot of capacity, which causes your internet connection to slow down.

Pirate Bay is one of the best alternatives for Kickass Torrents. However, some countries like India cannot use this.

Extra Torrents

  • Extra torrent is another great alternative to Kickass Torrents.
  • This site gives you the option of choosing both torrent and magnet links so you can download your favorite files more easily.

However, Extra Torrent sometimes crawls, so you might need to check if they are experiencing any problems or not.


  • TorLock is another great alternative for KAT and TPB that you can use instead.
  • This site provides magnet links and torrent files to help you download your favorite files in a matter of minutes.
  • It is another popular torrent site where you can find anything related to games, movies, music, apps, and more. Also, the site’s anti-fake policy pays $1 for every fraudulent torrent detected by the community.

By adhering to the slogan “No Fakes Torrent Site,” this site stands out from others like Pirate Bay since it lists only verified torrents. There’s even a lack of viruses, malware, and phishing at the site.


  • 1337x is another great alternative for KickassTorrents.
  • The website boasts of a community-based indexing system that ensures only verified torrents are listed at the site. 1337X users avoid fake torrents and malware.
  • The 1337x torrent site has an easy-to-use design, so you can quickly search for the torrents you’re looking for encountering no difficulties.

Unfortunately, this site blocks some IP addresses in case of spamming or other unethical purposes.


  • A private torrent sharing platform, Demonoid is a good choice instead of KAT.
  • The site allows users to upload and download their files in total privacy.

Unfortunately, the Demonoid website has been offline for a long time now. Although this site does not provide the latest files, it features a vast collection of torrents available for download. You can even view the magnet list of the different torrents posted by users at the forums.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

The following questions are most frequently asked questions FAQs:

When will the original KickAss Torrents website be back?

The site currently operating as KickAss Torrents is a clone created by Artem Vaulion; the real KAT will be back only when the authorities are done with all their investigation. There are no reliable sources to confirm if the original website will ever come back or not.

Is Kickass Torrents safe to use in 2021?

Yes, Kickass Torrents is still safe to use. Despite the government’s attempts to curb piracy, KAT has remained popular with torrent fans who know how to circumvent ISP blocks and browse safely on virtual private networks. With that said, it’s best not to use KAT if you’re looking for the latest Hollywood blockbusters, as these may contain malware.


What Are the Top 10 Alternatives to KickAss Torrents for 2021?

Following is the list of some of the top 10 alternatives to kickass torrents other than those mentioned above:

  • 123Movies
  • com
  • KissCartoon
  • to
  • MyAnimeList Mania
  • ProjectFreeTV
  • IPTorrents
  • BeeFlix
  • CouchTuner


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