WATCH: Live courtroom footage from the final day of the Depp v Heard trial

Today is final day of courtroom action in the court case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, with both sides to deliver their closing arguments at the Circuit Court in Fairfax Country, Virginia.

Yesterday concluded weeks of testimony from both parties and a whole host of witnesses. The jury was sent home early and will return today for the first day of deliberation.

CONTENT WARNING: The embedded live feed comes direct from inside the courtroom, where strong language and references to content including sex, violence and drug abuse are possible. Discretion is advise.

Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial updates

There is an abuser in this courtroom, but it is not Mr Depp. And there is a victim of domestic abuse in this courtroom, but it is not Ms Heard. The evidence presented at this trial has shown Ms Heard is in fact the abuser, and Mr Depp, the abused.

“As you heard from Mr Depp and multiple other witnesses who testified under oath at this trial, Mr Depp experience persistent verbal, physical and emotional abuse by Ms Heard during their relationship. And when their relationship was over, Ms Heard inflicted the greatest and cruelest injury of all. She publicly and falsely named Mr Depp as the abuser.

“Ms Heard never thought she would be held accountable. Never thought that she would have to face her abuser.

Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial

She never thought she would have her supposed mountain of evidence vetted. She never thought that Mr Depp would tell you, the jury and the world, that he was the real victim of domestic abuse.”

What is at stake in this trial is a man’s good name. Even more than that, what is at stake at this trial is a man’s life.”

– “What was happening behind closed doors was quite different to what Ms Heard has presente to the world. The exact opposite, in fact.”


Testimony concludes in civil trial between Johnny Depp

As the trial is nearing the end, attention is now turning to the possible outcomes of the headline-grabbing court case. Johhny Depp initially sued Heard for defamation regarding an op-ed publishe in the Washington Post in 2018, demanding a huge compensation payment for the damages caused by the article.

But how much could it cost, and how much has Heard counter-sue for

The jury has been released to begin their deliberations. The trial had initially been schedule to end tomorrow Friday 27 Friday but instead both sides rested their cases this afternoon.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million, saying she defamed him when she claime she was a victim of domestic abuse. Heard has countersued for $100 million, arguing that Depp smeared her by calling her a liar. Both parties have completed their testimonies.