A thermal mass flow meter consists of small mechanical parts like vertex meters, Coriolis flow meter, magnetic and ultrasonic. Over the past few years, the popularity of these devices has gone up. In this article, we are going to dig deeper to find out how these devices work and what type of benefits they offer.

Why do you need to measure natural gas?

Natural gas has a varying degree of content energy because it has a lot of additives like chemicals, water vapor, and other gases. If natural gas has a lot of energy content, it means that it has a lot of heavier hydrocarbons such as propane, butane, and Ethane.

If you have identified traces of gases, such as hydrogen, sulfides, and carbon dioxide, know that the energy content is insufficient. After you have determined the heating value, you can boost the energy content of it. For this purpose, you can use mass flow meters.
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The role of these devices is to get the measurement of the flow of natural gas. The meter accurately shows the pressure drop. If the gas has a lot of energy content, it can boost the efficiency of the boiler. You will be able to save a lot of money if you can get accurate measurements.

Why should you go for a thermal mass flow meter?

If you are interested in finding out the flow of natural gas, you can use these meters. Keep in mind that these devices have nothing to do with the volume of natural gas. Basically, it makes use of heat in order to figure out the overall measurement.

Actually, the matter depends upon the heat conductivity and thermal properties of the gas. The device uses two different processes to find out how heat dispersal in the gas. Given below are the two methods that these devices used for this purpose.

1. Constant temperature differential

This method uses a pair of sensors in the device. The first sensor heats up, while the other one maintains, measures, and controls the temperature of the gas. The mass flow is determined through the calculation of electrical power. This flow is required in order to ensure there is enough heat between the sensors.

2. Constant current

This method uses the same sensors. However, there is constant heat throughout the process. The mass flow is figured out on the basis of the temperature difference between the sensors.

Advantages of thermal a mass flow meter

You can enjoy a lot of advantages if you use a thermal mass flow meter to figure out the flow of natural gas. Given below are some of the primary advantages that you can enjoy if you make use of these devices.
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1. These devices feature a quick response time

2. The device allows you to measure gases even if they have shallow pressure

3. The meter is a great choice if you want to monitor and control gas flow.

4. They help with the measurement of large pipes

5. These devices are cost-effective unlike other alternatives available out there

In short, this was an introduction to thermal mass flow meters. I hope you have found this article helpful.