Wavlink AV500 Powerline Setup


The wireless range extensor Wavlink AV500 Powerline Setup  provides a good internet connection that may be expanded via your Wi-Fi/AP.setup. It’s ideal for extensive Internet use, such as 4K HD video streaming without lag, online gaming, video calling, surfing, etc. It allows you to offer your devices such as mobile phones, computers or laptop a high quality wireless network. Let’s start with the setup of the Wavlink AV500.

Wavlink AV500 Installation

 Wavlink AV500 Setup via WPS method

If you use WPS to instal your Wavlink, you should follow these procedures one by one.

Wavlink av500 Setup

  • Put your Wavlink AV500 extension on the power supply and keep it near your router to prevent interruptions.
  • It will take around 45 seconds to start and an LED indication will begin to blind.
  • Now push and unlock the WPS router when the light blinking indicates that the router is ready to be attached.
  • To signal the light on the router, press the button WPS.
  • You know that the Wavlink AV500 extension configuration is now attached to the router till the light blinks.
  • Now you may instal it anywhere you want your wifi signals to enhance.

Wavlink Extender setup via Web Browser

Wavlink Extensioner Setup for Wavlink AV500 powerline Extender setup using a web browser. These stages help the configuration procedure to be completed.

  • Plug in the power supply and make sure that you are close to your Wavlink extension and router.
  • After attaching the item to the socket, wait around 45 seconds for the LED light to blink.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi list of your mobile/computer and connect to the default Wavlink network.
  • On the same computer or mobile to which you are tethered, start the new web browser.
  • Configure UI will open for installation of the Wavlink Extender. Enter the username and password for “admin” as default
  • Choose your language. Choose your language. Press Login.
  • The following screen will ask you to select your country, time zone and new password. The next time you login, this latest password is utilised.
  • Open the Wavlink website user, type a password and push ‘Connect’ -> Select Repeater mode, choose your Wi-Fi host network.
  • Now wait for the progress bar to be completed and wait about 40-60 seconds.
  • The LED light turns back into solid, and exhibits a good layout.

Wavlink AV500 Extender setup

As an access point, the Wavlink AV500 expansion setup technique can be utilised here.The method is shared one by one, and these facts are plenty for your support.

  • Plug in your AV500 repeater electric power supply.
  • Turn on the access point switch and connect the Ethernet cable of the router to the LAN socket of the extender.
  • Open your computer’s Wi-Fi list now, and connect the Extender to the default Wi-Fi.
  • To open a tab, choose ‘http://wifi.wavlink.com or ap.setup‘ and click on ‘Enter’ in the address field.
  • Demand login to open web tab and password.Type ‘admin’ as the choice and click ‘Login’ in both locations.
  • To launch the next Wavlink Extender setup screen, click Wizard -> Click Access Point.
  • Create a new password, SSID and Service Protection.
  • Now wait for the progress bar to be complete and wait another 60 seconds.
  • After reconfiguring and rebooting, the Wavlink AV500 replayer may now work as an access point.


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