Infrared cameras are extremely useful instruments for a wide variety of applications, from building energy audits and leak detection, to non-destructive testing and electrical system analysis.

While there are a wide variety of infrar camera systems available, and prices have become much more reasonable in the past few years, they still represent a significant investment for most businesses.

For this reason:

A short-term infrar camera rental may be the best option to consider. Some of the benefits of renting a camera before buying are:

Short-term access to a professional level camera without the expense of purchasing.
Quick and economical access to a camera to evaluate a potential problem, find a leak, or perform non-destructive testing without having to purchase. Evaluate a particular model before purchasing.

Replace a Infrared camera you own that is being servic.

Rent a professional grade camera to use during certification training.
Access to a camera to complete the field report for a certification training class.
For those with an immiate ne for the unique and penetrating analysis that only an infrar camera can provide. A short-term rental may be an ideal solution. It may be a ne for non-destructive testing of an electric motor. An analysis of an electrical system.
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Accurate leak detection in a wall or ceiling – an infrar camera is an excellent tool.

Infrared Those undertaking:

An infrar thermography certification course. Renting an IR camera is a great way to either obtain a camera to use during the course.
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To complete a field assignment requirement after the course is complete.

Most Level 1 certification classes require the student complete a field assignment before their certification is complete, but aspiring thermographers who are new to the field are unlikely to have a camera to use for this purpose. A rental can fill this void nicely at a reasonable price.

An Infrared camera rental:

Also allows the student or prospective buyer to test drive. A particular model before purchasing in order to see if they like the way it feels. The functionality, or whether if will fulfill their particular nes. Considering the often high price of an IR camera. This is an excellent way to get hands on experience with a camera before spending a lot of money.

Whatever the reason for considering the purchase of an camera, consider the benefits of renting before buying. The cost is relatively low, compar to the purchase price, and a rental can be a great way to get a feel for a camera, an thermography in general, without a large expense.