Probably the most often asked question by new World of Warcraft players is how to level fast in WoW.

You are no doubt wondering how it is certain players seem to be able to level at a pace much faster than everyone else.

You often hear claims of cheating or hacking of some kind because players do not understand there are some pro techniques and tools that make leveling a toon in WoW extremely fast.

Here are some of the top tips:

Make sure you have bag space – This means making sure you have all your bag slots filled with the largest bags you can afford from the start. Constantly having to find somewhere to empty bags will take you off your questing routes and wastes time.
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Forget buying gear at low levels –

The early levels are not really aided by buying gear and the time wasted running to an auction house can be better used completing a few more quests. You are going to find yourself spending a ton of time staring at the auction house window and wasting gold that is not going to serve any useful purpose.

Make another toon just for mail –

If you have a low level toon that stays stationed in a town that has an auction house you can continue questing and mail items. This allows for unlimited space as mail can stay in a box for 30 days. After 30 days it is mailed back to your character. This is a huge savings of time.

Do not quest above your head –

Dying is the biggest waste of time in World of Warcraft because you often have a long walk back to your body. Knowing the proper areas and quests for your level is critical to staying alive and leveling as fast as possible.
Making sure to follow all the tips above while using one of the better in game. WoW leveling guide addons is exactly how pro players have been power leveling toons. Much faster than the rest of the World of Warcraft population for years.

These addon guides are program to take you through. The most efficient questing routes in the game by use of a detailed guide window and a directional arrow.

It is all about the build

You will have some players tell you that leveling as fast as possible. Means that you have to select a certain build for whatever class you want to play.

This is simply not true as pro players are able to level any class. With any build in the same amount of time using the tips outlined and a good in game guide.

World of Warcraft is about having fun and a big part of that is playing.
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The character you want to play in the talent build you enjoy playing.

There are many options out there, but many of the top players. I have played with on several servers are using to power level all of their characters.

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