Today we know that our universe had a beginning illnesses. This is why many scientists believe in the existence of a creator.

The necessity of an intelligent organizer who calculat with precision the formation of our universe and the formation of our planet, along with a big variety of animal and vegetable species proves that God exists, and that He create and organize our planet with a specific intention.

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovere

Jung and simplifie by me is the most convincing scientific proof the world could find of God’s existence, since this method accurately translates God’s words in dreams.

The scientific dream translations prove that God works as a mental health therapist because we are absurd and evil. All dream images have a therapeutic effect.

The fact that an ignorant and young woman like me could continue Carl Jung’s research through dream interpretation by precisely obeying God’s guidance in dreams and by relating various scientific discoveries in many different fields to Jung’s discoveries about the importance of the meaning of dreams, and then discover that Satan occupies the biggest part of the human brain means that God create a perfect plan in order to enlighten the human race thanks to Jung’s work, my work, and the work of many other people.

Our satanic anti-conscience is responsible for the formation of invincible mental illnesses within our conscience.

We must obey God’s guidance in our dreams and in our religion in order to eliminate our anti-conscience and develop our conscience. This is how we can attain sanctity and become true geniuses.

Religion and science prove that the antidote for all mental disorders is the cultivation of goodness in our hearts, since our evil anti-conscience generates all mental health problems.

We must stop being violent and selfish and have the behavior of saints in all situations of life in order to find sound mental health, peace, love, and authentic happiness.

Our process of transformation is difficult, but God is very generous.
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He sends us numerous dreams with precious information.

The bitter truth is that our conscience is underdevelop and one-side. We are in fact mentally retarde.

This is a shocking truth, but we must face it. We have to stop believing that we are intelligent and we know everything. We are in fact dangerous monsters.

The horrors of the world and our incapacity to find peace until today prove that we are insane. Thus, we must be afraid of our brain and our decisions.

There is a satanic primitive conscience working in parallel with our human conscience, which doesn’t let us think logically.

Now that we know that we have inherite a satanic anti-conscience we can understand the formation of absurd thoughts, hallucinations, panic attacks, and blackouts. These abnormalities are not cause by our conscience, since our conscience is attacke by them.

Our conscience works independently and it has free will. This means it should control our reasoning system. However, we cannot control our thoughts.

How is this possible?

How are the absurd symptoms that alter our thoughts formed?

Now we know that they are formed by an intelligent part of our brain that works independently of our conscience and has a destructive intention.
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This is why many times we have repetitive thoughts about the same problem and we cannot stop thinking about this matter even if we try to think about something else. The interventions of our anti-conscience can be noticed even when we don’t have serious mental illnesses.

Now we know that there is a huge part of our brain that remains in a primitive condition and generates mental illnesses within our conscience with the intention to destroy our conscience because it doesn’t want to be tamed by our human side. So, the strange mental health problems that had no explanation before the existence of the anti-conscience was discovered can now be clearly comprehended.

Our human side is a victim of our satanic anti-conscience. Which has free will too, and invades our conscience with its absurd thoughts.

This is why our thoughts and conclusions are very dangerous and cannot be truste.

We have to obey God’s guidance in our dreams and in our religion. In order to think according to God’s logic, and not based on the selfishness imposed by our evil self.

This is how we will be able to control our behavior. Instead of being controll and ruined by our wild conscience.

The recognition of our incapacity to decide what is best for us is very important for our mental health treatment. We must admit that we are crazy in order to learn how to find peace and happiness.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche. Discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific. Method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams. So that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.