Video games would not really be something without having villains to cause hell and create the action. They are the characters that a player needs to consistently watch out for if he is to continue being in the game. There are different traits that are usually displayed by video game villains. Of course people will perceive them differently; some just love the roles played by villains. Of course Final Fantasy’s Seifer brings a lot of tension into the game and so does Super Mario’s Bowser.

It goes without doubt that the kind of role that the villain plays is what determines the general feel of playing. The quicker and wicked he is, for example, the more keen you will have to be at protecting the victim;

usually the main character

There are a number of ways in which the villain will bring action and speed to the game. Usually, they act as menacing. Villains come out as being destructive. Their utmost aim is based on causing havoc and ruining the character that the player assumes. You will get the entertainment from trying to outsmart and quickly destroy the villain before he has his way.

However, what really makes the adrenalin run wild in the course of gameplay has to do with the swiftness that they display in their pursuit for destruction. They may normally appear in the scene and the survival of the victim will thus depend on ability of the player to stop them before they cause utmost destruction. Your concentration will have to be maximum as you anticipate the next move the villain will pull when you have been successful at obliterating him on his last destruction attempt.

Often, the game is given an even more amazing

Twist by the presence of a secret villain. This is a character that will no doubt appear all modest and prim only to come up and display characters that would otherwise destroy the main character at latter stages. Such games offer intense entertainment due to the sudden revelations which will force you, the player to act precisely and accurately.
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Sarevok in Baldur Gate is one such villain and will usually bring a whole new angle in the gaming experience.

To make the role of the villain even more amazing

You will find that the main character of the game actually turns out to be the villain in the end. One such game in which such a villain is display is The Knights of the Old Republic. This is definitely a shocker revelation to you who plays that you were definitely playing the bad guy. Darth Revan is a famous villain for this role The Knights of the Old Republic.

Usually, the villain will be give an appearance that befits his status.
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In many cases, he will spot a hood, shades and several other paraphernalia that show his dangerous side. If in the image of an animal, he may be make to appear menacing. All in all, the role of the villains is just as important as. The skill you have in playing which makes the gaming possible in the first place.