Online dream book helps in accurate dream interpretation. It is free on our website under the authorship of famous psychoanalysts. It will give you an answer to why you are visualizing this dream and interpret the meaning.

Ten interpretations

1) Falling –

According to our dream interpretation, falling from great heights in your dream might imply that few things are not going well in your life. It symbolizes fear in reality which can cause due to failure in love or professional life.

2) Death –

Dreaming about death is a common and emotional phenomenon, especially if it’s about your close ones. Death can signify that something in your life is coming to an end which is not necessarily the end of a lifetime.
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It reflects how you realize life to come to an end.

3) Water –

Different types of water images in our dreams symbolize different types of emotions in humans. Muddy water often represents sadness and gloominess. If you dream about crystal clear water, it means you have emotional clarity. Tidal water suggests overwhelms.

4) Fire and Wind –

Fire images come to dream because the dreamer relates to it with his challenges and reality. Fire represents anger and a distressed mental state, whereas wind equates to all changes happening imminently in life or changes that you are going through recently.

5) Dream about being chased –

One of the most common dreams that come due to running away from our fear factors. It helps you address something that needs our requisite attention, but you’re overlooking them in your waking life.

6) Baby-

Dreaming about a baby suggests something new will happen in our waking life, which can be either a new project work, a new idea, or new potential growths in specific areas of life.

7) Flying –

One of the euphoric dreams is flying high, whereas flying to the ground or getting stuck in power lines or other obstacles is quite frustrating. Flying dreams represent the amount of control you have in life and how confident you can achieve your aims.

8) Vehicles –

Vehicles in a dream reflect the direction you feel you are taking in your life and how you can control every aspect of your path ahead of you. It signifies moving towards your desired destination by working through all the obstacles.

9) Food –

Dreaming about food can be a manifestation of idioms like food for thoughts. It implies that you are hungry for new insights. Food symbolizes nourishment/knowledge/energy related to your emotions, intellectuality, and spirituality.

10) People –

Visualizing other people in a dream reflects different self aspects. It relates to the interpersonal or relationship issue with the specific person that you need to work through.

The importance of Dream Book

Interpreting the meaning of dreams is important as the plots in your dream reflect different emotions. It also helps to predict and prevent certain situations. When you miss something important, it will pop into your dream in a “code ” form that must be solved.

How to Interpret Dreams

Dreams are our subconscious thoughts and are a continuation of streams of consciousness from the day. You converse with yourself in emotions, symbols, metaphors instead of talking in words. During sleep, the brain’s prefrontal cortex becomes inactive.
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In contrast, the amygdala (emotional center) of the brain remains active so that dreams may become frustrating and frightening and don’t match reality.