Every parent should be particularly cautious when selecting the right day care facility. As much as these centres have the potential of providing immense benefits to your children, selecting the wrong centre could cause harm to your child that would last for a long time.

The negative impact of a bad day care centre is highlighted in a study carried out at the University of Minnesota. In this study, it was revealed that bad care practises such as intrusiveness of care providers and over-controlling behaviours, led to elevated cortisol levels (a stress hormone) in about 40 percent of the affected kids.

From such findings, you can clearly see why free play is so important for young kids. Hence, when evaluating the right facility for your child, you must check whether they have ample opportunities for free play. It would definitely be a plus if the centre has both indoor and outdoor setups.

Perhaps, if you have already enrolled your child in a facility and you still doubt how well they are caring for your child, you can check on certain signs which will help you figure out if anything is amiss. The University of Minnesota study revealed that young girls in poorly run centres exhibited an anxious and vigilant behaviour. On the other hand, young boys became aggressive and angry. Hence, if you see such signs, you should definitely check in on the centre just to see how things run.
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The necessity to take action as soon as possible cannot be overstated

Considering the fact that the adverse effects on your child may last for a long time, even up to his/ her teenage years. This is an issue that was highlight in a study publish in the Child Development Journal, whereby children go on to exhibit impulsive behaviour and risk-taking at 15 years of age. This was related to the fact that the particular group of teens had spent much longer hours in day care, something that didn’t occur with children who spent fewer hours in day care.

A good facility for your child would always exhibit. A supportive environment with all care providers showing affection and warmth to the kids.
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This is necessary in building up the emotional and psychological growth of young kids. This would be complement by an environment that provides sufficient cognitive stimulation.

A Child Care Centre Is Just As Good For Moms As It Is For Kids

If you thought your job was tough, try raising a child. Well, perhaps you already knew that. But scientists went even further to actually prove this.

In a 2012 Gallup poll, it was reveal that stay-at-home mothers who. Weren’t employee experience far more depression than both employed mothers and employed women without children. Actually, the unemployed mothers fared worse. Than the other two groups in literally all emotional measures, including anger, stress, sadness and worry.

So What Does This Have To Do With Child Care?

Well, if you do have the opportunity to go back to work and your. Child can join a day care facility, it would definitely be a God-send opportunity. That would benefit both you and your child. Just makes sure that you enrol your child only in a well-organized facility run by well-trained personnel.