According to Texas state guidelines, schools are direct to have a minimum of 9,000 books in each library. Officials at Houston schools have stat that this figure is unrealistic and have decid that they will deal with the lack of resource materials in Houston schools in their own way.

This is unacceptable and should not be allow. Houston Schools Don’t Have the Right to Pick and Choose. Which Standards They Will Adopt.

The minimum Houston Schools:

Standards for libraries are setting for a reason and Houston schools must make to comply. In an effort to show why they should not make to adopt the same standards of other schools in Texas, Schools spent $9,000.00 for an audit of their library resources. I say that money could have better spent Schools to buy books and computers for students.
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All students attending schools should give the same quality of ucation. That other Houston students in the state are being given. Having a school library and access to computers are not frills. Students can do without they are an essential part of the learning experience.

Reading is a basic Houston skill:

All students attending Houston schools ne to be able to read well in order to succe in school and in life. When basic learning tools like books are not available. Then the quality of ucation these children are getting suffers. The students shouldn’t have to share books in classrooms. There should be enough for everyone.

Houston Schools Should Work With the State to Solve Resource Problems.

Part of the problem here is that schools decide. Themselves how their resources will spent. If schools are not complying with state guidelines. Then it may be time for the state to step in and put an end to this practice. Having schools comply with the regulations set down state legislators has to the priority here.

Instead of finding Houston reasons:

Why they shouldn’t have to comply with the most basic level of state guidelines, officials at schools ne to find a way to meet those standards. There have been too many delays already, and it’s the students who are suffering.
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If the schools are having a problem finding the resources they ne to bring schools up to state standards for literacy, then they should be enlisting the state’s help to find a solution to the problem, not just deciding that they don’t ne to comply.

That is not the way:

To resolve this issue. If the schools and the state work together, they can find a solution; the kids deserve nothing less than their best effort to find one.

Patricia Hawke is a staff writer for Schools K-12, providing free, in-depth reports on all U.S. public and private K-12 schools. For more information please visit Houston Independent School District.