Don’t know anything about floor sanding? Here’s a quick guide for beginners!


Have you chosen to install a wooden floor or modify an existing wooden floor to live a new life? It’s definitely a great investment to revive the look and feel of your home! However, it can be menacing to not know what to do if you have no experience with the procedure and how long it will take. It sounds complicated, but if you read what’s included here, you’ll will get all the necessary information that will help you execute the task like a pro! This article will make sure that you know the best floor sanding harrow and polishing method used which can achieve the desired results.

What is the right time to refurbish your floor?

Wood flooring is well known to be long lasting and tough, but after years of use it can damage the surface. If not properly managed, it may get dull over time and become blurred or damaged when exposed to moisture or due to use of floor vacuum cleaners or with high heels. If the floor is properly sanded, it can give the floor a glossy gleam, but if the wood has deep grooves and too many scratches, you should consider renewing the floor with two magical small procedures floor sanding harrowand polishing.

What do you need to do?

If you are currently occupying a space that needs to be resurfaced, remove all belongings and furniture, allowing workers to work freely. This category also includes staple tacks. Ensure that the space is clear of obstructions and that contractors have continuous access to the water and power needed to sand the floor. Also, if you haven’t finished painting the walls yet, paint them right away. But keep the last coat away from wide wood to make sure it comes in contact with floor thunder. If the space cannot be completely cleared, then protect the objects by covering with a towel or cloth to keep them away from dust generated during the sanding process. Also, make sure the space is well lit so that the contractor can work properly.

How do you prepare the area?

Prepare the area to be polished before starting. There may be carpet covering the wooden floor that needs to be removed. The most effective way is to cut the carpet into small pieces. Certain homes have vinyl tiles on a wooden floor that must be removed before polishing. The best way to perform floor sanding harrowis to vacuum it thoroughly to prevent it from getting dusty and sticking to anything. Remove the staples from the floorboard with pliers and flatten the nails with a nail punch to create a flat, polished floor surface. Open the windows and close the doors to maintain a dust-free environment in the area. Wear a gas mask and protective goggles.

How difficult the process is?

Polishing floors is a time-consuming but relatively easy task. You can save money on sanding and refinishing wooden floors rather than changing it entirely.

How much does it cost?

The cost of hiring a professional to sand and polish your hardwood floors doesn’t have to be unreasonably high compared to other chores. Sanding abrasive costs range from about $25 per square meter + GST ​​to about $60 per square meter. This cost may vary depending on the condition of the floor or the type of floor sanding harrow.

How professional are the floor experts?

The simple answer is that you can absolutely do what you can. But there is caution in our advice. Polishing the floor is easy, but polishing directly does not give the same results as hiring a specialist. Floor sanders get a reputation that is difficult to achieve, you cannot not get the same finish in first go. The process may also react differently to methods you use depending on the type of wood used for the floor. Floor sanding harrowexperts know exactly what waxes and chemicals are used on the floor. If the scratches, dents and ditches on the wooden floor are very clear, we strongly encourage you to seek professional service.

Tips for maintaining floor polishing

As we all know, floor sanding harrow can be done in a certain number of times, which is why people opt for this option more oftenly Depending on the operational wood depth. Therefore, especially considering the fact that you polish the floor for aesthetic reasons, below are four tips to help you keep your wooden floor polishing just like new

  1. Avoid direct sunlight.

It is rare that only direct sunlight can easily or violently dull a wooden floor. Therefore, it is always advisable to protect the wooden floor. This does not mean that you have to live a life without the sun. You can get a special sunscreen that squeezes harmful rays and allows light to come in as usual.

  • Furniture leg pads

Make sure there are pads on the bottom of all furniture legs. This will prevent the floor from being scratched if moved accidentally or intentionally.


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