The CEO of the HMI Group, Adonis Hakkim, has announced the group’s latest plans after an accelerated growth period in the last 3 financial quarters.
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The company successfully launched the UK’s largest testing company back in September of 2020, which has since become a multimillion-pound assets in the group’s portfolio, being ranked on as one of the worlds fastest and most reliable testing providers on the market.

After Official Rapid Tests was approved as a UK government listed provider of general population testing, the company setup the fastest antigen test for travel technology available on the market. The platform quickly becoming widely used across Europe and the USA for its quick and effective fit to fly covid tests, with instant verification possible. This proved extremely popular as an alternative replacement to the stand PCR tests used for travel.

The latest move by the HMI group involves its acquisition of AI patented medical diagnosis tool, which is set to launch in late May, under the trading name Welzo.