Hiring Freelance Writers So you’ve decided to hire a freelance writer?
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Good choice. A professional freelance writer can save you time and money. But because anyone can call themselves a copywriter, it is important to know what questions to ask to make sure you’re hiring a true professional. These seven questions will help you choose a copywriter who can make your next freelance writing project a success.

What clients have you worked for?

A copywriter should be able to give you the names of some recognizable clients, hopefully a few of those will be local advertising agencies or larger companies. Typically, these clients only work with reputable, professional writers, so if they’re doing business with your potential copywriter, that’s a good sign.

Can I see some samples of your writing Hiring Freelance Writersd?

Every freelance writer should be able to provide you with a variety of writing samples (if they can’t, don’t take a chance on that writer). Look at the samples to see if the writer can capture the tone and style you’re looking for.
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Some freelancers write in a more academic style, while others are more casual. A few have the ability to write in a variety of different styles depending on the client’s needs.

How does the project process work?

Your writer should be able to clearly explain how they will complete your project, including how they quote fees and their terms of service. If they can’t, it probably means they haven’t been in business for very long or have been depending on low-paying online work.

Do you charge a flat fee or an hourly rate?

Be wary of any freelancer who will only work for an hourly rate. Many will give you a choice between flat fees or hourly rates, while others only work on a flat fee. As a client, choosing a flat fee is your best bet because you know exactly how much you’ll be charged at the beginning of project. As long as you don’t change the direction of the project, you’ll only be charged the flat fee — no matter how long it takes the writer to complete the project.

What is your hourly rate Hiring Freelance Writers?

Even though you’ll be paying a flat fee for your project, it helps to know your writer’s hourly rate. Good freelancers charge from $50 to $150 an hour. And, some of the country’s top copywriters charge even more. Unless you’re very impressed with the quality of the writer’s samples (and you are completely sure the samples are the writer’s own) don’t choose any writer charging less than $50 an hour.

If the writer won’t provide an hourly rate — don’t worry. Many top copywriters don’t disclose this information or simply don’t have one. A freelancer should never charge you to quote a project, so simply ask for a quote and then decide if the quoted price is in your budget.

How much will my project cost Hiring Freelance Writers?

This is a bit of a trick question — but it will help you decide if the freelancer you’re speaking with is a professional. A good freelancer won’t quote you a price right off the bat. Instead, they’ll ask you a series of questions about the specifics of your project and your business goals. Then, they should prepare a formal, written quote stating the flat fee for the project and ask you to sign off on the bid before the project moves forward.

How do you handle revisions Hiring Freelance Writers?

Professional freelancers know that revisions are an important part of the writing process. You can expect to receive two, three, or even unlimited rounds of revisions as part of the flat project fee. By including revisions, the freelancer is able to ensure you are 100-percent satisfied with their work.

Megan Tsai is a seasoned communicator and award-winning writer. As a full-time freelancer, she provides business writing, copywriting and marketing communications for companies and advertising agencies.