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In collaboration with MOH Holdings (MOHH), I’m here to share with teenagers like you on how you can get a healthcare scholarship while you embark on a career in the healthcare sector.

WHAT’S UP WITH THE Healthcare?

The scholarships essentially sponsor your entire academic journey in the various healthcare disciplines. Be it in local universities or overseas universities, the scholarship will cover things like tuition fees and monthly allowances. It also covers additional benefits such as pre-study allowances, sponsorship for approved developmental programmes, commencement and distinction awards. There’s also a Scholars’ Development Framework which does feature quite a bit of cool perks.

There are several healthcare disciplines you can choose from. It ranges from nursing and pharmacy, all the way to allied health ones such as physiotherapy and diagnostic radiography. The full list of disciplines that the scholarships offer can be found here.


Interested students can apply for the scholarship through the BrightSparks portal links under the various Healthcare Scholarship Schemes on the Healthcare Scholarships website. We found out that the selection process is rather straightforward, with most applicants undergoing one round of interviews, while others may be required to undergo additional attachments in hospitals to further establish their sustainability for the chosen profession. The scholarships are awarded based on merit, and candidates will be assessed based on the eligibility criteria.


To gain a deeper insight into the interview process, as well as the healthcare sector in general, I interviewed three scholars — Sherlyn, Syasya and Henry.
Sherlyn graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology, and is currently studying Diagnostic Radiography at the Singapore Institute of Technology. She award the Healthcare Merit Award in 2020.

She said that, “The scholarship offers many wonderful opportunities, such as the opportunity to meet other like-minded healthcare professionals in the sector through the events and sessions organised by MOHH.
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It allows us to expand our networks and learn from one another. This is one of the main factors that attracted me to the scholarship”.

Regarding her interview, she share it was held over Zoom due to the Circuit Breaker.

“It was relatively okay and not as stressful as I had imagined it to be. There were definitely a couple of tough questions which require lots of thought but other than that. The interview process was quite smooth,” Sherlyn explain.
The questions ask center around Sherlyn’s thoughts on the Singapore healthcare system. The diagnostic radiography discipline and the roles and responsibilities of a healthcare scholar.
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When asked why she decided to switch into more of a frontline job in the healthcare. Sector as opposed to her Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology. She shared that it was only after graduation that she started to spend more time thinking about where her true passions laid. She knew she wanted to do more frontline work. As she wanted to see the impact she could make on society by improving people’s lives. Which solidified the jump across disciplines for her.

Healthcare Next up is Syasya:

Who graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Syasya award the Healthcare Merit Award in 2020 and is currently studying Nursing at the National University of Singapore. Unlike Sherlyn, Syasya share that she was always interest in the healthcare sector. Recalling her childhood that consisted of watching medical documentaries on the Lifestyle channel. Enthralled by how the medical staff acted under pressure amidst the many challenges they faced everyday. (Kinda like how we all watched 20 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and collectively made Meredith Grey our role model).

Amongst the many Healthcare:

Piqued Syasya’s interest in healthcare, a turning point in Syasya’s life was her mother’s open heart surgery in 2018. Though Syasya was dishearten from watching how her mother was suffering after her surgery. The nurses there eased all her worries, and took the best care of her mother. The way the nurses administered her medication, to making sure her mother was comfortable during her recovery, reassured Syasya that her mother was in safe hands, fuelling her desire to have a career that would make a positive impact on many lives.