Carpets have now become a symbol of luxury and they actually add the royalty and transforms the look of the room. Contemporary fashion is influenced by Iranians, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Baluchis, Turkmenistans, Caucasians, Indos, Tibetans, Turks, Chinese, East Turkestan, European and North African cultures.

You should make decision keeping in mind the specific requirements of your room.

Handmade Carpet

If you are looking for a beautiful carpet for living room, carpets made from natural or synthetic yarn both looks fabulous. And the fact is both are going to shed. Difference is, natural yarn such as wool shed for longer period where as synthetic yarn such as nylon or polyester shed for smaller period. But yarn is the king ingredient of a carpet and it determine its quality. Different types of yarn add on to different structure and colour to the carpet.

Carpets made from natural yarn such as wool carpets last longer than other material carpets. Woven from natural material, they resist matting, fire and contamination. They are also resistant to pressure. You can easily place them under furniture as they do not form dents. Eventually, Persia, Afghanistan, and present-day Pakistan developed a craft for wearing carpets. Which resulted in them becoming one of the leading manufacturers of handmade oriental woollen rugs, carpets, and kilims.


Other natural materials used to produce yarn for carpets are silk, cotton, animal fluff, jute, goat hair and coir.

Finest Quality

Although you can choose any material for handmade carpet depending upon your choice but the best yarn for handmade carpets is wool. The durability of wool carpets as well as their other natural qualities make them the highest quality carpets.  Wool is the most important pile fiber and cotton is the most common base and binding material.

Nylon threads are economic, durable against abrasion and flexible.  People prefer these carpets because of their ability to hide stains.

Other synthetic materials used to produce yarn are polypropylene, polyester and acrylic. All of these have different properties and the carpets made from these yarns are suitable for different areas.

Handmade carpets are also made by blending the natural and synthetic yarn which gives them a beautiful colour and increases their strength. This way you get the best carpet out of two different materials.


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