If you stop and think about all the materials you use plus the unused materials, you can see what is being wasted. Take paper, for example. If you use a Green printer or fax machine and it jams or you misprint, you usually throw it away.
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Instead you could find another use for that paper and that would save some money.

Green, take billing.

It uses a lot of unnecessary paper. You could go to electronic billing and that would cut down on the cost you are spending on paper and ink for printers. This will also save on the cost of postage and handling. If you are shipping packages you could use recycled boxes. Use less packing materials, and use boxes and envelopes which are environmentally safe.

Office space is another expense that you pay out as a business owner. If you allowed your employees to telecommute you would save by not having to rent as much space. That would also cut down on your energy expenses. If you were to allow telecommuting, it would also cut down on the pollution cars create from being driven which is good for the environment.

Traveling expenses are another costly expense:

Which a lot of companies use. You could consider web conferencing. Once again this also will cut down on the pollution caused by the air planes.
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Web conferencing may have a fee, but it would probably be less in the long run. When traveling you usually pay for the air line tickets to and from along with the hotel cost. Then there is rental cars, gas, meals, and a conference room.

Going green to cut business expenses is a great idea. There are several ways to save money and protect the environment. You will be saving on supplies, travel, and office space to mention a few. I strongly believe that this is one of the smartest decisions a business owner can make.

It also takes little to no effort to go green.

You simply supply recycling bins, and stop wasting what can be us for something else. This will save you more money because things are getting us instead of wast.

There are also more tax breaks for companies going green. The things a company trying to go green ne to do is look at what they are using and what is not getting us. Then look at what is not getting us and see if there is something else that you can use it for instead of wasting.

If there is no use for it try to recycle it.

Going green not only cuts business expenses but the public looks favorably on your company. This looks good on your company because you are an environmentally safe company promoting smart business decisions with little to no waste.

Going green will save you money. Politically and socially, it looks good. The public likes to see and share in companies taking interest in the welfare of the environment which will make the future much better.