The Royal Canadian Legion’s Laval branch may soon be able to let out a huge sigh of relief

Two years ago, multiple Tim Hortons restaurants were robbed of cans containing over $1,000 in poppy donations.

These funds were raised during an annual poppy drive held by Legion Branch 251 Chomedy, Laval to support Canadian military vets. According to branch executives, each can contained $400.

Shannon Westlake, branch vice president, stated that “a donation is a gift for us.” Every cent counts

According to Westlake, the cheque did not arrive after weeks of waiting. According to Westlake, a representative from a restaurant insisted that the cheque had been sent.

According to the vice president of the branch, Tim Hortons stopped communicating with them after that exchange.

Global News reported that Westlake said, “I have written back, and they don’t answer, or they don’t answer, or they don’t answer,” Westlake stated.
She claimed she waited 19 years and wondered if COVID 19 lockdowns might have contributed to her silence.
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She still wanted answers and said that $3500 could be very useful now.

She pointed out that “our campaign this year is not as good as it was in 2019”.

The branch’s executives claimed that volunteers had raised over $40,000 in the previous year, but that they only collected 25% of that amount due to the pandemic.

Westlake noted that fundraising this year isn’t much better.

This could change soon.

Global News reached out to Tim Hortons just hours before Westlake, a representative of the company, called.
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Global News’ Westlake was beaming when he revealed that Tim Hortons had agreed to donate again to our branch in the same amount as the previous donation.

According to her, the original cheque was sent incorrectly to an Ontario branch.

Global News was contacted by Michael Oliveira who, as the senior manager of communications at Tim Hortons, acknowledged making a mistake and said, “We are working hard to make it right as quickly as possible.”

Legion branch members claim that they are relieved to finally get the money and that they have taken steps to decrease the chance of having their donations stolen.