German Vice-Chancellor as well as Economic Affairs and Climate Action Minister Robert Habeck on Friday suggested that the final approval for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline -which will bypass the traditional transit countries Poland as well as Ukraine and will deliver gaz directly through Russia towards Germany through the Baltic Sea — will depend on the developments concerning the ongoing conflict that is brewing between Russia with the West Ukraine.

Speaking with Polish Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin Habeck stated that the current Ukraine crisis could affect the pipeline.

“These days the energy policy is always political,” Habeck said.

Sasin stated that he was pleased to learn that Habeck did not just look at the economic aspect of the project..

“It’s one of the investments that will continue to create a lot of anxiety in Poland,” Sasin said.
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 “It is according to us not only an issue for Poland’s energy security, but also Europe’s.”

Habeck spoke to reporters in Warsaw Habeck told reporters in Warsaw that Europeans should be extremely concerned by the situation in the eastern part of Ukraine. As many others, he warned against imposing sanctions should diplomatic efforts fail, and Russia opt to escalate its situation.

He also admitted that sanctions wouldn’t just be aimed at Russia but could take on the countries that are that are sanctioning the sanctions, too.

“Basically there aren’t feasible sanctions that would not affect Germany, France, the US and Europe also,” he said. “But this is a discussion about conflict on the horizon in Europe …
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that means these considerations need to be taken the backseat.”

Germany has received scorn from its allies for placing a part the energy supply into the hand of Russian President Vladimir Putin at a moment in which he’s been testing Western determination and is willing to divide Europe as well as simultaneously expanding into neighboring countries, going as far as annexe the Ukrainian Crimean Peninsula in 2014.

Presently, Russia has amassed heavy weapons and around 130,000 troops along their border with Ukraine in addition to having recently been conducting battle games against Russia’s neighbor to the north of Ukraine Belarus which is which is a Russian client state ruled by Putin the Russian president’s ally Alexander Lukashenko. Both are carrying out maneuvers in the land, as well as on the Black Sea, essentially encircling Ukraine.

Physically, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been completed , but it is not yet operational. It is awaiting delayed confirmation from the German Federal Network Agency. If Germany grant final approval within the second quarter of 2022, the certification will then be examined at the European Commission.

While German Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz visited the White House this week, US President Joe Biden declared about his EUR9.5 billion ($10.8 billion) pipeline agreement would be in limbo in the event that Russia was to invading Ukraine.