Germany’s ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroder accused Russia-Ukraine of “saberrattling.”

Schroder, who was German chancellor 1998-2005, stated that Foreign Minister Annalena Bock shouldn’t have visited Kyiv prior to her trip to Moscow last week. He also suggested that the Ukraine trip could be viewed as “provocation” by Russia in an episode of his podcast.

Schroder, who is chairman of Nord Stream (Russian-owned, Swiss-based company that owns pipelines bringing Russian natural gas to Europe) and a friend of Vladimir Putin, said he hoped that “the saber-rattling by Ukraine would stop.” He also stated that he found the criticisms of Germany’s refusal of supplying weapons to Ukraine “really outrageous.”

Berlin sent 5,000 protective headgear to Ukraine earlier this week. Vitali Klitschko, the Kyiv Mayor, was mocked for asking if the next shipment would be of pillows.

Schroder was mocked roundly for his remarks.

On Twitter, Michael Roth, Germany’s former Europe Minister wrote that 100,000 Russian combat-ready soldiers would surround Ukraine militarily. Roth stated that people who explicitly state and warn against it are not war criminals.
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 “Wanting it to be protected and defended against is not saber-rattling.”

“Gerhard Schroder accuses Ukraine’saber-rattling’ but maybe it’s just his loose screws in the head that are rattling,” Jan Bohmermann tweeted Jan Bohmermann (a well-known comedian).

Christoph Hoffmann is a member for the Liberal Free Democrats (FDP), which are part of Germany’s ruling coalition with Schroder’s Social Democrats. He added this caption to a story about Schroder’s remarks: ” His master’s voice.”

Schroder’s stance on Russia has been criticized before.

Kaja Kallas stated that she noticed a greater debate in Germany about Russia’s approach after Angela Merkel’s departure and was waiting for a response from Berlin regarding the transfer of Estonian weapons German-origin .

Kallas stated that Germany has a long-standing policy of not exporting weapons to conflict areas. However, she said she accepts it. She also argued that any ban on Russian aggression would favor Russian aggression, since the weapons were meant for Ukraine’s self defense.

Kallas was elected to office in January 2021. She is the daughter Siim Kallas. Her grandmother and mother spent time in Siberian Gulags during the mass Soviet deportations of Estonia during World War II.

It is expected that her long-standing demand for additional troops to be deployed in Estonia, which includes a significant US presence, will be met soon. Five F15s were among the five that landed in Estonia this week as part of a larger strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank. It is a great deterrent to attack a country with US troops.
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 She said that if a bully threatens you, it’s a good idea to have large friends.

Kallas stated that clear signals had been sent by Germany’s leaders to the Nord Stream 2 pipe from Russia into Germany was not going ahead if Russia invades Ukraine. She also said that she wanted the pipeline to be permanently abandoned.

Kallas stated that Nord Stream has been a geopolitical project for many years and not an economic one. If you have a connection to someone, the person on the other end of the connection could hurt you. It does not benefit Europe or European energy security. These connections can lead to instability.