The Fugu fish is an extremely poisonous and dangerous creature. It is a member of the Tetraodontoid family, otherwise known as a puffer fish or blowfish. These fish are incredibly toxic. Inside their body, mainly the liver and stomach is a poison called tetrodotoxin which is many times more potent than cyanide. If taken it will cause paralysis of the diaphragm resulting in respiratory failure.

This astonishing Fugu:

Creature has an extraordinary ability to grow its body by 300 percent. Hence the nickname Puffer Fish. Some of these fish also have razor sharp spikes around their bodies to protect against ferocious predators.
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That’s the bad news. The good news however, is that this fish is considered a delicacy by many people around the world because of its amazing texture and taste. In Japan it is very popular yet still carries some risk when consuming as there are over 30 deaths reported each year.

If you do decide to partake of this delicious fish:

You should aware of some of the symptoms that may indicate your fish not prepare properly. If you feel physical discomfort, dizziness. Prickling or tingling of the mouth, vomiting, diarrhea, numbness, excess salivation. Sweating, weakness etc. there may be a problem. Let me put it this way; if you have recently eaten blow fish. Even if it prepare in a reputable restaurant. And you develop some of the symptoms listed, you need to seek medical advice right away.
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It takes at least 30 steps to prepare this poisonous fish for the dinner table. This lengthy preparation mitigates the toxins that are inside Fugu fish, making it edible, and very tasty.

Now that you are aware of the Fugu pros.

Cons of eating this poisonous fish. Make sure you do so in a licensed restaurant that takes the time. Care to prepare your meal in a safe, professional manner.

A Gastronomic story of the Colombian Ham industry.

Pasto, a city located in the southwest of Colombia is the main region. In the Colombian industry of the preparation of hams. Actually, Pasto has a history on the preparation of ham products. That goes back to the 50’s when a Basque mason, called Jose Torrontegui Alday, aged 28, arrived to Colombia.

He was born in Bilbao and he decide to stay in Colombia attract the idea of becoming a builder. He work in Bogota and Cali until the 60’s. When he invites a friend to visit Pasto, the capital of NariƱo. Where he stay until 2003.

The history of the ham industry in Pasto Fugu:

When he offered to his guests during a celebration in Pasto, a ham that he has dry-cured in his house for six months. The guests were so fascinate with the taste of the pork. Unusual at the moment in Pasto, that they encourage him to start his own business marketing the product.

Success in Colombia of the Serrano Ham prepared in Pasto

After decades on the business, the Serrano ham. That prepare in Pasto has succeed in the Colombian market. The hams are commercialized in Bogota and in the rest of the country. The secret of its success is simple: it’s the only kind of Serrano ham in Colombia that prepare following. The Spanish tradition for its preparation which means that the Serrano Ham. From Pasto not industrialize during its preparation process.