The family of a dad who were force to watch as death. He was brutall torture murdere say they have ‘constant flashback.

Jurors found Christopher Guest More Jr was part of the gang responsible for killing Brian Wate.

Three other men had previous been hand life sentence for their role in the attack.
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Which was so brutal one detect said it was “like some you only ever see in the movies”.

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Mr Waters, who was growing cannabis at Burnt House Farm in Cheshire. The wed drug dealer John Wilson £20,000, More Jr’s trial heard.

On June 19, 2003 a gang organised by Wilson lay in wait at the farm, near Knutsford, for the arrival of the 44-year-old.

Suleman Razak, who helped at the cannabis farm, arrived at the  death.

When Mr Waters then arrived the gang tied him up, suspended him upside down, beat him with a metal bar and attacked him with an industrial staple gun during an horrific three-hour ordeal.Home Office pathologist Dr Alison Armour described the pain Mr Waters must have suffered before his death as “excruciating”.

The attack was carrie out in front of the victim daughter Natalie. Who had just turn 21, and son Gave, then 25, while his wife Julie was abducte from the family home and driven to the farm.

When police arrived at the scene, following a call made from a phone box by Wilson’s driver David Moran. Containing cigarette ends, drinks bottles and even a bag of faeces – all of which had traces of More’s DNA.

In 2004, Wilson, now 71, and James Raven, now 61, were found guilty of murdering. Mr Waters and two counts of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm to Mr Razak.

More Jr, however, fled the country via Liverpool John Lennon Airport and was living a luxury lifestyle. Businessman and yacht captain while on the run in Malta when he was caught in 2019.

Jurors heard the 43-year-old, who had been involve in undercover TV work. Donal McIntyre, discovered where the cannabis farm was after following Mr Waters’ son.

Giving evidence in his Chester Crown Court trial he claimed he had gone to the farm that morning to steal cannabis equipment but left when he had an argument with Raven and realised Wilson, who was not at the scene, had discovered he was working undercover.

In 2007, found guilty of the same offence death.

He argued he had befriended Wilson because he thought he could sell a story on him being a police informant .The media and he might lead him to a cannabis farm which he could film for a Dispatches documentary.

More Jr left for Spain two days after the farm attack and, after travelling to South Africa. Mozambique and Turkey, settled in Malta under a false name.

Jurors had deliberated for 12 hours and 12 minutes before finding him guilty. The murder of Mr Waters and conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm to Suleman Razak.

More Jr, wear a grey suit and white shirt, shook his head as the verd were return.

Mr Waters’ family welcomed the verdicts and thanked Cheshire Police for its role in securing More Jr’s conviction.

In a statement they said: “What happened at Burnt House Farm on June 19, 2003 has had a significant and long-lasting effect on our family.

“We will never be able to forget events of that day and, even now, more than 18 years down the line, we feel the pain on a daily basis with constant flashbacks.

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“We have remained a close-knit family and have provided much-needed support to each other. Experience for us and not only have we lived in fear of reprisals we have also struggled to trust others as we normally would.

“It’s similar to the feelings people have experienced in the current COVID crisis – not being able to leave their home and having to stay inside to feel safe. We have been living like that for more than 18 years.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Nicola Wyn Williams, of CPS Mersey Cheshire’s Complex Casework Unit, said. The murder of Brian Waters involved a level of violence and brutality that was truly shocking.
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Particularly so as it took place in a quiet area of rural Cheshire. The fact that his children were forced to watch him beat and torture is awful and has left them. Deep scarred and unable to move on with their live in a normal way.

Judge Sir Peter Openshaw said More would be sentenced on Friday.