Are you thinking about how it would be to live in Maui? We got you covered! In this article, I’m going to tell you about life in Maui, including the cost of living, culture, weather conditions, career growth options, and all the other big things so you can make your plans of shifting to this region accordingly. So, let’s dive in!

Is the living cost in Maui high?

The answer to this question mainly depends upon your current location of living. For example, if you move to Maui from the world’s most expensive states like Santa Barbara or San Francisco, you might find the housing costs much lower. However, if you live in Kansas or Texas, you might feel like the housing costs are touching the skies.


It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to purchase a house or get it on a rental basis. The prices of all kinds of condos and houses are higher. If you have many friends or resources, you might afford a good house there.


However, if you have a tight budget, you better do thorough research to plan the housing in Maui. Remember, it’s not only the housing cost that meets the skies in Maui, but also the food and beverages are expensive. How much you can afford depends upon how many adjustments you can make to adapt to the lifestyles of Maui.

What’s the culture of Maui?

During my stay at Maui, I found that most people at Maui are laid back and friendly. However, if we talk about its culture, it resembles Hawaiian culture.


Again, whether you can adjust to this culture or not depends upon where you are coming from. For example, the east coast people might find it hard to adjust according to the indirect communication manner and way too laid back people. Generally speaking, making new friends in Maui could be a little difficult, even if you are an extrovert.


However, if you still crave human interactions, the best way is to partake in events or join dance lessons, gardening clubs, canoe clubs, floral clubs, etc. And if you are not finding any group or club to join in your surroundings, create your own!


Thankfully, the culture of Maui is not only full of Aloha. You’ll also find the fragments of some other cultures like Korean, Filipino, Tongan, Chinese, Canadian, English, Portuguese, German, Italian, Brazilian, Okinawan, and many others.

What are the climate conditions of Maui?

Maui is the heaven for all the sunny people – those who are madly in love with sunbathes and basking activities. Most of the time, the sun shines brightly at the skies of Maui. The thing worth mentioning here is that you can enjoy all four seasons in this beautiful landscape. You have to choose a specific region of Maui and plan your living there.


For example, if you love sunny, relatively hot, and dusty weather, choose to live in areas like Makena, South Kihei, Napili, Kaanapali, westside Lahaina, and Wailea. Likewise, if you are a fan of rain, clouds, and a somewhat colder climate, plan your living in areas like Hana, Kalu, and Haiku. Most of all, the Haleakala mountains of Maui also accommodate the snow lovers since there, the snow sprinkles every winter.

How is life in Maui different from big city life?

Living in Maui is much different from what you experience in big cities. You cannot go out to have fun after 9 pm since you’d hardly find someone that late at night. But don’t get sad, you party-lover, since the days at Maui are full of joys and bliss.


When the sun is out, you will find so many outdoor, fun activities to immerse yourself in, like swimming in lakes and waterfalls, basking at the big beach, and hiking on the mountain and Lao valley. Just by spending two to three days in Maui, you’ll observe a very visible change in your sleep-wake cycle. Even if you are a night owl, your body will tell you to sleep right after 8 pm and wake you up after 9 am.

How to prepare for moving to Maui?

So by now, you know almost everything about living in Maui, and the next step is to buckle your backpacks. The question that arises here is what stuff you should bring to this full-of-natural beauty island?


The simplest and one-line answer is, don’t bring too much because you won’t need it. During the daytime, the things you’d need will be Sandals, shorts, swimsuits, tank tops, conditioner, sunglasses, notepad, a mini-computer, a water bottle, and a backpack.


Please sell all the unnecessary belongings and keep the money in your wallet to purchase everything you need up there. Remember, in Maui, hundreds of people constantly shift on and off the region. So, someone will be selling the stuff you want.