The seven-day rate of incidence – that is, the number of individuals per 100 who have been found to be infected during the past week – was 399.
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8 the previous Tuesday an increase from 386.5 on Monday. The data comes obtained from Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases was confirmed.

Belgium as well as the Netherlands remain in a state of shock following tensions that broke out during protests over new anti-Covid measures.

Dutch Premier Minister Mark Rutte labelled three nights of protests “pure violence” by “idiots” and his Belgian counterpart Alexander De Croo called violence at a protest of 35,000 people at the city of Brussels “absolutely unacceptable”.

Europeans’ return to epicenter of the pandemic is blamed on slow uptake of vaccinations in some countries, the highly infectious Delta variant, and the colder temperatures forcing people to stay inside.

The rise of cases Germany as well as in neighboring Denmark has prompted Danish authorities to advise the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday to recommend against travel to Denmark and Germany increasing its travel warning from “Level Four: Very High”.

The State Department urged Americans not to travel to Germany and Denmark because of the rising cases of swine flu there.

The outgoing the Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that Germany’s current Covid curbs , which include prohibiting people who have not been vaccinated from public areas — “are not enough”.

She addressed a gathering of the moderate CDU political party, that this situation is “highly dramatic”, according to those present.

As intensive care beds are rapidly being filled, Germany’s most affected regions have been ordered to shut down which include the closing the Christmas market.

The restrictions mirror those of the neighboring Austria that shut down shops, restaurants and markets for the holidays on Monday, which is the most severe restrictions that have been seen throughout Western Europe for months.
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Its 8.9 million citizens are permitted to leave their homes for work or to to shop for necessities or to exercise.

The Alpine country also plans to implement to introduce a vaccination mandate starting February 1st, one of the few countries that has yet to make such an announcement.

“Look around you, nobody is here,” said Anelia Lyotin who was working the stand in Vienna selling dried and nuts fruits.

“This situation now is bad for everyone and the only solution is that everyone gets vaccinated,” said the 36-year-old.

Over the border in Slovakia the country of Slovakia, people who were not vaccinated were also