Also known as concentrators, ethernet hubs connect computers as part of an ethernet network with the use of a twisted pair or RJ-45 cables.
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Allowing computers in a network to swap data and share connections, hubs are made up of at least two ports connecting each computer to a central network device or router. Indicator lights show the status of each connection for each port.

Ethernet For your protection

A lot of ethernet hubs include recovery capabilities that can detect connection problems like data collisions and then automatically disconnect source ports to isolate the problem. This then makes the hubs more efficient compared to coaxial connections, where a faulty device can send the entire network haywire.

Kinds of ethernet hubs

An passive hub sends data from a single port to all other ports in a network. Since an passive hub has the tendency to congest. Data and experience collisions, slowing down connections. It is more ideal for use in homes and small. Where since only a few computers need to be hooked up to the network. Active hubs, on the other hand, reroute incoming packets of data to specified. Destination ports, which limits collision risk to single connection cables.
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They may also have cache buffers which save packets of data for easy recovery should collisions occur. Compared to a passive hub, then, an ethernet active hub experiences less traffic, allowing for smoother connections.

Choosing ethernet hubs: some tips

Look for an ethernet hub that can accommodate all the stations you need in a network. For smaller businesses, look for a hub that houses more ports. Than you need so you have room to expand your network. Built-in firewalls prevent harmful data from reaching your network. They are particularly helpful for large offices and wireless networks where data traffic is heavier.

Important information

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