The amount of trees that were that were cut down in the Brazilian Amazon in January far oversaw the deforestation in the same month in 2013 according to satellite government information.
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The total area of destruction was five times bigger than 2021. This was the biggest amount of January since the beginning of records the year 2015.
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Environmentalists have accused Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro of allowing deforestation to grow faster.
The protection of the Amazon is vital for tackling the issue of climate change.
Trees are cut down for their wood, as well as to create space to plant plants to supply global food corporations.
At the summit on climate change at COP26 in Glasgow in the year 2000 over 100 governments committed to halt and reverse the destruction of forests by 2030.

The most recent satellite data released by Brazil’s Space Agency Inpe once more raises questions about the Brazilian government’s commitment to protect its vast rainforest, say environmentalists.
“The latest data shows how the government’s actions go against its greenwashing efforts,” explains Cristiane Mazzetti of Greenpeace Brazil.
Greenpeace has urged retailers in the UK and around the world to eliminate suppliers involved in the deforestation of their suppliers in their supply chains.
The area of deforestation was 430 square kilometers (166 sq miles) in January. This is an area seven times that of Manhattan, New York.
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An indigenous leader attempting to safeguard the Amazon
The removal of large amounts of trees at the beginning season is atypical since the wet season typically hinders loggers from getting into forests that are dense.
Brazil’s vast forest absorbs massive quantities of greenhouse gasses from the air which acts as a carbon sink.┬áBut the more trees are cut in the forest, the lesser forests can absorb emissions.

However, the region is home to people who believe they have to utilize forests for mines as well as commercial agriculture to earn an income.
While at the same time the indigenous communities that live in the Amazon fight for the protection of the rainforest as well as their traditional ways of living.
Mr. Bolsonaro has undermined the protections of the environment for the region, and has argued that the state should take advantage of the region to alleviate the level of poverty.
The strong global demand for agricultural products like soya beans and beef has led to some illegal clearings. Another reason is the hope that an amendment to the legislation will be enacted in Brazil to recognize and allow the land-grabbing.
The Brazilian government claims that during the period from August 2017 until January 2022, the overall deforestation was less than when compared to the same time twelve months earlier.
Environmentalists aren’t surprised by the record number of people falling in January because Bolsonaro is the president. Bolsonaro has substantially diminished legal protections since taking into office in the year.
The COP26 conference on climate change in Glasgow in the year 2000, Mr Bolsonaro was among the world’s leaders who pledged to end and reverse deforestation by the end this decade.
Political analysts argue that, despite the alteration in tone, the policy on the ground remains the same.