Early in 1903, Ellen G. White (1827-1915), a prolific American Christian author and advisor, published her first book on education. The topic came under Ms. White’s eyes long before it sparked off interest in our society. For instance, in 1862 Ms. White and her husband, James White, were interested in organizing formal education. As a result, her denomination stablished a school in Battle Creek (Michigan) initially to prepare church workers.

In the last decades, a cultural phenomenon called postmodernism grew in strength following World War II, when society went through a rapid process of destabilizing family, school, churches, and other western traditions.
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Postmodernist ideas threaten the very possibility of education. To postmodernist thinkers, truth is not even a slippery salmon: it is not existent. However, the pursuit of meaning is an inalienable human right. The belief in meaning and the freedom to search for it are the tenets of a healthy society.The last thing we need is to play with those postmodernist word games.

Ms. White believes that when the science and the spiritual are combined in the studies in our schools we bring the possibility to young people to become deep-thinking men.If we aim at a low standard, we shall reach only a low standard. This is why education system fails to educate students. They are not even capable of thinking clearly.
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Whole generations are growing up addict to laziness, homework is leave undo, and it’s all right! Actually, despite a great deal of effort over the past 20 years, academic achievement among students continues to lag behind. The truth is that public school system does not provide a proper atmosphere for learning. Yet, today’s public school system tolerates new ideas only on a small scale and it does so largely to reduce pressures for broader changes.

It’s about time to ask a few questions

What kind of education can rescue man from nihilism and allow him to achieve authenticity? And how shall we try to attain this ideal?

So, the attention in education must be to keep away of schools doctrines which are the guesswork of men void of compromise for the true freedom. Christian authors and scientists believe in freedom and that freedom gives us opportunity to change. Unquestionably, the way to get education back on track is to give. Young people a broad-based education in which they. Have the opportunity to study the sciences, the arts, and the skills in the context of a biblical worldview.