Drawbacks Despite vast improvements to office technology and the development of procedures to increase efficiency, offices generate a wasteful amount of documents. In time, such paperwork accumulates to a point that it becomes difficult to archive valuable records without consuming large quantities of office space. This is a very pressing problem for the white collar world, as office space is rapidly becoming a premium.

Drawbacks As such:

The transition towards the digital office paradigm is in the best interests of any company. This generally involves the digitization of important records and documents for the purposes of conserving valuable office space. This does not mean that physical paperwork should done away with. Rather, digital records can be very valuable in minimizing the amount of physical copies necessary for the purposes of redundancy.

This is where document scanning comes into play. The development of digital imaging and optical character recognition software means that it is very easy to convert physical paperwork into editable computer text. This means that any important record or document needed by a business can be stored in a flexible and usable file format.

Beyond the matter of conserving:

Office space, document scanning is beneficial because it can be us to save valuable time that had previously been us by employees to handle the task of transcribing and duplicating valuable documents. That means mission-critical tasks take priority over the tious matter of copying hand written documents.
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Additionally, the digital copies of records generat by document scanning can be us to foster stronger inter-office communications within the company. This is because digital copies can be stor on a shar network, eliminating the ne to copy or transport a particular document in order for different departments to view the same document. In effect, digital records mean that important information can be view across an organization at any time and any place without logistic hassle.

Simply put Drawbacks:

Document scanning can use to lower operating costs from document logistics. Eliminate inefficiencies from time lost in locating said documents. And reduce the amount of space, time and money spent in storing, filing and archiving these documents.

Originally the internet was originated in the year of 1960. When the USA funded research projects of its military agencies to build robust. Fault-tolerant and distributed computer networks. And then this research and the US backbone. National Science Foundation came together. And at a worldwide level the development of the very new networking technology. Led to the development of an international network in the 1990’s middle. Which is now a day’s know as Internet. According to a survey till the year 2009 a quarter population of the complete. Earth uses this service and but obvious we are also included in them.

Drawbacks Nowadays:

The internet is a network which is dividing globally which consists of so many interconnected networks. To govern it no central body is needing. But to maintain all its operations and all the technical aspects. Its core infrastructure and all the main the Internet Corporation for Assigned. Names and Numbers headquartered in Marina del Rey, California.
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So it’s not easy to maintain the combination of networks of the whole earth. Whatever we use on net we never think that how is that happening and all but at behind so many great procedures are going on just to connect the whole world in a single thing.