Digestive enzymes are those substances which help in the digestion of our foods. They break down the food that we intake into smaller particles and help in the process of digestion. However, they also have many other uses which include,

1. Antioxidants:

Research shows that in addition to breaking down the food, the digestive enzymes enter the bloodstream and destroy free radicals, thereby generating an antioxidant effect.

2. Anti-inflammatory agents:

Some of the enzymes also have anti-inflammatory benefits because of which the people who suffer from arthritis can benefit from them. Also, these enzymes help in fighting inflammation that occurs due to the tearing of muscle tissues during workout or as a result of an injury.
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Enzymes, such as bromelain, can prevent inflammation and injury, and reduce water retention.

3. Anti-allergic agents digestive:

Many people suffer from food allergies and allergic reactions to food are not perfectly absorbed in the colon and blood. The undigested food generates the formation of toxins, leads to inflammation, water retention and slows down our body metabolism. The body recognizes it as a foreign element and then triggers an allergic reaction. Digestive enzymes can help fight this problem.

4. Preventing cancer:

It is believed that digestive enzymes, especially if taken on an empty stomach, can help destroy tumors and prevent cancer. The protease, for example, is a digestive enzyme which has some unique properties, which go far beyond its digestive functions.
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5. Fat burning digestive agents:

When your stomach receives sufficient amount of the enzyme call lipase, our body metabolism enhance and we able to bat more fat and at a faster rate.

Enzyme Therapies digestive

When our body does not receive sufficient amount of different types of enzymes, it malfunctions and we suffer from different types of health conditions and diseases. Enzyme therapies help us in making sure that the body receives all the different types of enzymes needed for it to function properly. Such therapies could include taking oral medications or the patients might also ask to consume enzyme rich food. The two most important enzymes whose intake needs to be increase are as follows:

1. Proteases – these are substances that break down proteins and thus help in blood purification and healthy bowel movements.

2. Bromelain – in addition to protein separation, it helps to reduce water retention and inflammation. It also acts as an antioxidant.

The patients are advised to consume food items which are rich in these substances.