Dealing with problems in lamination can be a headache both for people who have brought a new lamination machine and to the people who have been using it for years.

However, these problems in the machine can be solv once you start recognizing the symptoms of the problem. In this article I have tri to identify some common problems you face and how to deal with the problems.

Dealing At times:

The laminating pouch may appear cloudy even after it has gone through the lamination machine. Almost all pouches will have a cloudy appearance before they are seal because the adhesive in the pouch is not thermally activat. The cloudy appearance does not disappear even after going through the machine. It is an indication that the temperature is set too low.

You have a machine that allows temperature adjustment, increase the temperature till the cloudiness in the pouch disappears. The temperature of the machine cannot be adjust, it is possible that you are not using the right pouch. If you use a pouch that is thicker that what the manufacturer recommends, you could see cloudiness in the pouches because they don’t heat properly. It is in your interest to check the owner’s manual before you start using the machine.

Another common Dealing:

That people face when laminating a document is that the pouch does not get seal evenly. Usually, improper pouch sealing is an indicator of not using enough heat. If you have a machine that allows you to adjust the temperature, try increasing the temperature till the document is seal uniformly.

This does not help, the problem could be in the paper you are trying to laminate. If you laminate a document that is print on an inkjet or laser printer, the adhesive in the pouch will not usually stick to the paper. To laminate these papers you ne a photo quality lamination machine.
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If you see ripples in the laminat documents:

It means that the temperature is set too high. Try to ruce the temperature of the machine temperature until the ripples in the document disappear. If you are using a machine that does not offer temperature control option, try changing the pouch. At times, waviness can be due to the use of pouches that are too thin.

At times, the adhesive in the pouch may squeeze out when you laminate a document. This is another sign of using excessive heat and can be prevent by rucing the temperature.
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Ruce the temperature and run a few pouches until the adhesive stops leaking and the document does not seal properly.