Custom burger packaging boxes are the way to go for many restaurants. Find out why you should choose custom packages over standard ones! Customization is important because it allows for your company’s branding to be shown, which will help bring in more customers.

Trendy burger packaging’s that you will see in food markets include cardboard paper boxes with an imprinted design or colorful patterns on them. Lastly, I’ll conclude the article by recommending some ways to increase the efficiency of these burger packages.

What Is Custom Burger Box Packaging?

There are a few reasons to choose custom burger packaging over standard ones. First, customization allows for your company’s branding to be shown, which will help bring in more customers. Second, the packages add an eye-catching element that will attract attention and promote sales of products on store shelves.

In addition, it is possible with customized boxes to create any size or shape of package you need for your product while still maintaining its overall appearance and functionality.

Furthermore, these custom packages fulfill your business needs perfectly, so you can deliver your product to customers in the most efficient way.

However, you should remember that there is no point in using a custom burger box if these standards will not fit it:

  • Paperboard thickness (thicker boards usually look more durable)
  • Dimensions (customized shapes require customized board sizes)
  • Printing method (glossy finishes need thick boards, so the ink doesn’t crack during shipping). But matte finish allows for thinner material which makes lightweight designs easier to ship.

Trendy Burger Packaging’s

Cardboard Boxes:

One of the most common burger box types is a cardboard box. They usually include an inner lining made from polyurethane foam, which helps protect the food inside and keep it warm for some time.

Plastic Boxes:

Another option is plastic boxes that come in different shapes but serve more or less the same function as paperboard ones do – they provide extra protection against damage during shipping and handling, especially if there’s no additional packing material used (like separate pieces of Styrofoam).

Kraft Boxes:

Kraft burger boxes are made of paperboard similar to cardboard boxes, but they are less rigid and do not keep the food inside warm for as long. This type is often used when the quick distribution is needed so people can eat their burger right after it’s purchased. They also come with a window in front or side so you can see what’s inside before your order arrives at your table without opening the box (which may cause spills).

Kraft Paper Bags:

Smaller versions might be wrapped up in plain Kraft packaging, which goes back to its functional purpose: easy recycling and low-cost production – just like any other brown packaging material that we know from our daily life. You probably won’t find these burger wrap designs on fancy restaurants’ tables because all attention will go to the burger itself. On the other hand, you can have these custom burger boxes for your takeaway food service. It will help to promote your restaurant.

Aluminum Foil Packaging:

Aluminum foil burger packaging is another option for your custom burger packaging’s. It looks similar to the Kraft paper bag, but it’s not made of recycled materials – so an aluminum foil burger box will be more expensive than a Kraft paper one. On the other hand, these boxes are shiny. They look very modern, which might attract people who pay attention to details.

Butter Paper Wrap:

Butter paper burger packaging’s are another option for your custom burger box. They will require the logo on the top of the box – this makes them more expensive than some other options, but they look very elegant and polished. Which is perfect if you want to increase the expectations of your customers. Regarding the quality of food served in a restaurant.

Custom Burger Box:

As I mentioned before, there are different types of packaging materials used for burgers and burger wraps. If you’re looking for something more stylish than Kraft paper or polystyrene foam plates – which is understandable since people want their meals to look good too – then it’s time to check some beautiful custom burger boxes with unique designs offered by online shops.

These high-quality products come in a variety of colors, so they match any brand identity you might have already created. You can also order special-shaped boxes that are perfect for taking away containers for desserts or finger foods.

Tips to Increase the Efficiency of These Burger Boxes:

  • Do not order too many burger boxes at first. Wait for some time to pass and analyze the sales of your products on a daily basis. So, you can estimate how much more packaging you actually need.
  • Customize printed burger bags with special deals such as coupons, discounts, or free shipping offers that customers love to see when purchasing foodstuffs online. Many companies like this offer a promotion sticker that is easy to use, and they won’t ruin any surface due to their adhesive properties that are especially important. If someone wants to place them onto paper boxes (it’s recommend because it makes custom burgers look even better).
  • Increase usability with some add-one like a separate compartment for burger sauces, fries, salads, or drinks, etc.


That’s everything I wanted my readers to know about all benefits associate with using custom burger packaging’s in online retail stores. You need to choose one that perfectly meets your business requirements. It can offer you modern packaging solutions for your burgers. Thanks for reading!


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