Distance learning has come in so as to provide lots of opportunities for children all over the world so as to build a great foundation for the future. This is achieved by connecting in educational activities carried out by qualified volunteer mentors online.

In the developing countries, there is a great shortage of teachers and it is important to handle this shortage. Estimates in some areas are quite alarming.

How it works

Distance teaching involves the use of technology that allows the children to access Information with great ease. It is a well thought process and there are many students benefiting from all over the world.

Mobile learning is sometimes referred to as m-learning. This is a system that offers support by the use of middle devices. It offers a continuous kind of access to the whole learning process. This kind of learning can be access through different gadgets such as tablets, laptops or even phones. One can learn, regardless of where they are or even while they are on the go.

The entry of mobile learning has led to the change in education systems. M-learning is quickly shaping education systems, especially in the developing world.

M-learning in education

Many schools are embracing the changes and benefits that are buy about by mobile learning. Many schools have introduced the use of tablets and laptops in the school systems; this is because children often consider such things to be a lot of fun. More and more educational apps have entered the market so as to assist the teachers and the children as well. This has in turn made it quite easy to access up to date material for everyday learning. The extra materials being make available means a lot, especially in the developing countries.

Examples of mobile learning

Providing materials

This is a very easy way of using mobile learning. Texts, audios and videos are easy to share using the different platforms or apps. You can access such materials quite easily when you have the right technology.
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Participants can in fact prepare homework and so on after watching what has been set up online. If we take this aspect, then mobile learning doesn’t seem to be too interactive. This is sometimes necessary if one is to get the full impact of what they are teaching.

Interacting during lessons

There is a need to leverage the technology so as to give access to all children all around the world. Most of the organizations offering distance teaching and mobile learning have created a portal where the volunteers can get in touch with the students through online media and mentor them. This helps with the sharing of knowledge, ignition of curiosity and dissemination of skills.
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Volunteer mentoring

Education and knowledge are the main basics when it comes to economic opportunity. When children are allow to access the basic education and at a young age, it becomes easier to achieve the success of the country since the future leaders are create. Volunteer mentoring augmented with school activities can bring about great rewards.