Desktop computers are design to be stationary and upgradeable. Having the right set of computer gives the owner the advantage in gaming, Internet browsing, document processing, and other work done through the help of computers. We have here a check list of what to look for in order for you to be able to purchase the best computer that can meet your requirements.

Check First to consider is the platform:

Basically the type of environment a desktop can support. Two of the most competing operating system platforms today are Mac and PC. Mac computers are known for its impregnability to computer viruses, but software support from third party makers are limit or less. On the other hand, PC platform runs great on computers, but due to its popularity it becomes a perfect prey for malicious computer users. It is report that computers supporting PC platform including computers running with Windows operating systems are prone to computer viruses.

Processor spe is a fundamental factor when choosing a desktop. Users must always remember that contemporary software applications no longer support slower computer processors such as those earlier releases by Pentium and AMD and other processor manufacturers.

The motherboard is another component Check:

A buyer must consider. Common motherboards of today have built in audio, video, and local area network (LAN) ports. These are very important components of a motherboard and should be consider when checking. In addition, it is necessary to inquire if the motherboard can support future upgrade.
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Questions like the maximum amount of RAM and the type of hard drive it can support are among the most important inquiry. Newer desktop motherboards support both IDE and SATA hard drives.
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Ports including USB 2.0, gaming ports, and standard PS2 ports should also be support.

Memory (RAM) and Hard Disk:

Drives are among the components that must be check when buying a desktop. Software applications today require huge amount of storage space and main memory in order for it to be properly install and configur. SATA hard drives are the most popular type or modern day hard drive. These are capable of holding data up to 160GB of bigger.

An additional Optical drive will make the computer more useful. Modern optical drives are now releas with DVD and CD compatibility. These drives allow a user to create backups of important files in DVD or CD formats. Combo drives are better than ordinary optical drives that are only capable of reading data from a compact disk.

Check To fully enhance the machine:

It is best to pair it with a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor. There are several advantages a user can get from LCD monitors. This includes the convenience of space it consumes, the sharpness of images in produce, and the amount of power it consumes. LCD monitors only consume almost half the power ne for a CRT.

Last, it is very important to check the warranty and technical support for the machine. In buying desktops and other gadgets, it is strongly recommend to include warranty and technical support among other things.