A certifi nursing assistant is a very important position within the makeup of the healthcare industry.
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Contrary to belief, this person works under the supervision of a LPN. But Certified this does not mean that this position is any less in importance as that of a LPN. In fact this position helps to take care of patients on an everyday. Basis and frees up the time of the LPN. It is for this fact that it is very important inde.

Qualities Certified

The tasks of a CNA are very demanding. It requires someone who is very people orient and is able to take on demanding tasks with a smile and not complain.
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Remember that you will be dealing with patients who are not able to help themselves many times. So, the person who takes on this responsibility must be willing to help the patients who are in ne as well as take orders from higher up nurses and doctors.

The person who takes on this position must have the ability to follow orders and be able to handle minor details. Due to the fast pace of the mical environment, it is best if you know how to do what is ne and go with the flow. In addition, a winning personality is a necessity because you will be dealing with nurses, doctors, patients and their families. Your position will have the most contact with the patient on a regular basis.

Certified Training

In order to become a nurse’s aide you will be requir to pass a state program that has a specifi amount of theory in addition to real time experience. It usually requires that the student has to have a minimum of a high school diploma or G and pass the state mandatory exam in order to get CNA certification. This is not as complex as it might sound because most students are able to pass the exam once they go through a certification program. These programs will require that you learn about things such as anatomy, hygiene, nutrition and physiology.


The CNA has many different responsibilities, which helping patients is the most important. You will be responsible for the daily care of patients. Which may include things such as taking their vital signs, providing daily meals. Transporting patients to different parts of the facility, cleaning rooms. Observing the patients, changing b linens and providing information to higher nurses and doctors.

All in all, it takes a special person to be a certifi nursing assistant. It is very suitable for the person who has a desirable personality and wants to help others. Although it is a very demanding position. It is one that is very much in demand within the healthcare field. You will have the ability to make a difference in the world by helping others who are in ne and get paid in the process.

It does not matter Certified:

If you want to work in a doctor’s office, clinic or major hospital. The position of a certifi nursing assistant can be easily obtain with the right blend of ucation. It is an excellent career that is not only in high demand, but also a necessity within the healthcare industry.