Brazil is currently focusing their efforts on their primary goal, which is to win this year’s World Cup. However, they are also making plans for the future.

Globo Esporte reported Tite would leave the team following the World Cup. This is a few weeks after Director JuninhoPaulista stated to MARCA that the Brazilian coach “probably” will be leaving the team.

Guardiola has been considered the main candidate to succeed Te, after Ednaldo Roriguez was elected president of the BBF at March’s end.

The CBF members agreed that Tite will succeed him. They automatically viewed the Manchester City boss to be the best person for the job.

The CBF has already reached out to Guardiola’s brother, and agent, Pe to offer the Catalan coach an agreement for four years until the 2026 World Cup.

Guardiola will earn around 12 million euros after taxes if he signs the deal. This is lower than the 20m euros he earns each year at the Sky Blues.

Tite will likely leave Brazil following the 2022 World Cup Qatar. The Brazilian Football Confederation has spoken with Pep Guardiola to discuss taking over the role of Selecao coach for the 60-year old coach.

Brazil is currently putting all their efforts into winning the World Cup. They also plan for the future of the national soccer team.

Globo Esporte reported Tite’s departure from the club following the World Cup. This was just weeks after Juninho Paulista, CBF director, told MACA the Brazilian coach would “probably” leave after the tournament.

After Ednaldo Rodrigues was elected president of the CBF at March’s end, Guardiola is widely believed to be Tite’s successor.

CBF members have agreed to Tite’s replacement from overseas, and automatically considered the Manchester City manager for the job.

January 2023 or the summer of 2023
CBF reached out to Guardiola’s brother, Pere, to offer Guardiola a four-year contract that will take him to the 2026 World Cup.

Guardiola will earn approximately 12 million euros after taxes if he signs the above-mentioned contract. This is lower than the 20m euro he earns at Sky Blues.