Brazilians are furious at the asphyxiation death shown in a video of a Black man held prisoner by two officers from Brazil’s Federal Highway Police. The SUV’s trunk was filled with smoke. The officers forcefully kept Genivaldo De Jesus Santos (38), in Umbauba in the northeastern region of Sergipe. A dense cloud of smoke that appears to be tear gas emerges from the SUV.
You can hear the man screaming, and you can see his legs sticking out of the SUV. They kick for a while, but eventually stop moving. They seem unaffected by the observers.

The images caused social media chaos. Hundreds of protestors gathered in Umbauba to demonstrate Wednesday, blocking a road and burning tires.

In a Twitter video, a man can be heard saying “The population is outraged.” “They killed the man!” Another man spoke through a loudspeaker to the crowd.

Federal Highway Police stated that the man was aggressive and resisting officers who pulled him over. According to the statement, agents placed him in a coma and used “instruments with lesser offensive potential” as a means of containing him.

According to the statements, Santos became ill while being taken to a precinct by police officers and was then taken to a hospital where his death was confirmed.

According to George Fernandes (a spokesperson for Sergipe state’s forensic institute), a preliminary autopsy revealed that the man died from respiratory failure caused by “mechanical asphyxia”.

Alisson de Jesus, Santos’s nephew, told the local news outlet FANF1 that he witnessed police stop his uncle. Santos also stated that he had prescriptions and medication in his pockets. This indicated that Santos suffered from mental health issues before the officers began what the nephew called “a torture session.”

He said, “They took my uncle and put him in the vehicle. Then they took a gas-bomb and closed the trunk with him inside.” De Jesus claimed that his uncle was shoved and hit by officers before being placed in the back seat of their SUV.

“Police officers turned the car into a gas chamber, and executed a mentally-ill man,” Renata Souza, a local politician and human rights activist, said on twitter. In the face of such cruelty, there are no words. Brazil is an extermination prison!

Brazilian society was shocked by the incident, which exposed the institution’s ineptness to ensure that its agents follow basic procedures.

Jair Bolsonaro, President of the Federal Highway Police, said that he would get information from them about what had happened. A separate incident occurred two weeks ago, when a man killed two highway officers on duty.

The Federal Police opened an inquiry. Within 10 days, the Federal Police must receive the final, more detailed report from the forensic institute.

This incident occurs just days after highway police officers participated in an operation that resulted in more than 20 deaths in Rio de Janeiro. Although police claim they were forced to resort to lethal force because of their circumstances, local media has published accounts that cast doubt on this assertion.