Women experience many transformations throughout their lives. Bioidentical pre-teen and teenage years present many challenges, both physical and emotional. Over time, bodies change. In what seems to be a blink of an eye, a girls grow into women. As life progresses, falling in love, pregnancy, and raising a family dominates.

While busy earning a living and raising a family, menstruation ceases and perimenopause begins. Thereafter periods cease and women are consider to be in menopause. The next challenge is deciding whether to take on bioidentical hormone replacement or stick with synthetic hormones.



While many women may say:

Menopause is welcom with open arms, there are other physical changes that may not always be so pleasant. This is when physicians may introduce the idea of estrogen replacement. During menopause, the body stops producing estrogen and progesterone, leading to a variety of changes that may not always be view as satisfactory.

A woman is said to be in menopause after she has not had a period for one straight year after the approximate age of forty-five. This stage of life may lead to hot flashes, moodiness, susceptibility to osteoporosis, heart palpitations and more. Symptoms vary from woman to woman. Traditionally, hormone replacement therapies were given to alleviate these symptoms. However, other unwant symptoms and conditions arose as a result. Specifically, breast cancer, stroke, and heart disease increas. In an effort to find a better alternative, a system that was more suit to each woman’s chemistry and less likely to cause unwant effects was introduc.

Bioidentical effort to open and fair:

There are individuals who oppose this treatment and believe there is not enough evidence in support of it. On the other side of the coin, just as many people have benefit from it. Staying on the positive side, this form of natural hormone therapy makes use of hormones that are identical to those naturally produc by the human body. The alternative option, the traditional stand-by, is taking synthetic hormones which are made from horse urine.

During the past decade, the use of natural hormone therapy has become center stage though it has been around for much longer than ten or fifteen years. Television talk shows, books, and radio programs have highly advertis this topic as true pioneers are interest in sharing what they have learn.

Natural hormones are making in a Bioidentical laboratory.

They are only administer after a hormone panel is doing. Depending on the results, a certain amount of progesterone, estrogen, and DHEA or testosterone will give. The most easily us form comes in a cream. With each pulse the topical hormones enter the bloodstream, circulating until next dosage time.

The processes of the human body are inter-connect. Following a healthy diet and lifestyle supports natural hormone treatment plans. A healthy lifestyle supports the endocrine system which in turn helps the replacement hormones work at their best.

Understanding Bioidentical

Menopause is a necessary step as it goes hand-in-hand with understanding how bioidentical hormone replacement therapies work. In many women, memory becomes sharper and energy levels increase. There are standard formulations available make drug companies for doctor’s to prescribe just as there are certifi offices that will customize ingrient dosages to match a woman’s exact nes. This is very exciting for women who do not do well with the synthetic version.