Do you like skating and all its culture but are you also a lover of technology? If you are looking for a transport that perfectly represents both worlds then what you need is an Electric Skate and here we will tell you all you need to know about it.


This is one of the coolest modes of transportation out there, combining fresh designs with planet-friendly technology. Well, if you like Skates, today we bring you a juicy compendium about Electric Skateboards, a means of transport that gives us great autonomy, comfort and style. At the same time they are quite light, so you can reach your destination and simply carry them with you.


What is an electric skateboard?

Well, as its name implies, it is an electric skateboard to which is adapted an electric motor system with gears to drive one of the pairs of wheels, which are usually the rear ones. They are used a lot for comfort, autonomy, low noise and efficiency.


We could think of other means of transport or perhaps ask ourselves why not use a Skate like any other. The truth is that it depends on the taste, but what I can assure you is that of all the electric alternatives of displacement devices, electric Skates are the most effective.


They have batteries with a great autonomy, which could move you up to more than 12 km without any problem. The current materials and designs are resistant since they do not have arms or pedals. They are compact and light, while perfectly maintaining balance. In general terms, we could simplify all this in three points.


  • The construction and design makes them very efficient, in addition they preserve the style of traditional Skates.
  • They move us for several kilometers without getting too tired.
  • They are quite safe and easy to use.


Buying guide: What you should keep in mind when choosing an electric skateboard

When choosing an electric skate, consider paying close attention to the following key points.


  • Design and shape
  • Quality of axles, wheels and bearings
  • Autonomy
  • Power


Design and shape

Here we can distinguish two facets in the design of these transport devices. There are lots of types of skates with designs for any taste. You should always choose the one that you like the most, as long as it complies with the other points of this guide.


On the other hand, there is the characteristic shape they have. The truth is that they have some similarities to a longboard but with narrower ends, right where the axles are.


Quality of axles, wheels and bearings

This does depend greatly on the manufacturer, on how they have designed the drive and push system, there are some where the engine is directly on the wheel, these are the most efficient. On the other hand there are those that have the traction system in the box attached to the table.


What we must look for in the specifications is that the wheels are made of polyurethane, that the axles are made of steel and that the bearings have an ABEC 7 or 9 classification, which are the best for these vehicles.



Here we do strictly depend on the technology used by the manufacturer for the Electric Skateboard. Lithium batteries are the ones with the best performance, the best tolerance to charge cycles and the best energy density. For this reason, without thinking about it, make sure that the batteries are of this type and that it gives you a travel distance of no less than 12Km.



The power will be closely related to the torque that the Skate can develop, for this reason try to buy one that has a power of 250 to 600w that will be enough to ride it for a while without having traction problems.