Alright so in the rest of this post we’re gonna be hunting for the next polygon matic like altcoin. Where you could 150 times your money if not Altcoins.
Full disclosure I did buy actually two thousand dollars worth of polygon matic. Just approximately a year ago. And today that is worth over 300 000.
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I’m not sharing this to brag with you I’m just sharing with you the opportunity that cryptocurrency has to offer.
And all you would have had to do is buy it and hold it. And that is the exact strategy that I’ve done.
There were many times when polygon matic went up to 30 cents. Two dollars back down to 73 cents. That I wanted to sell all throughout this entire time.

But I did say to myself just hold Altcoins.

And because of that patience polygon manic is reaching new all-time highs. This is happening while bitcoin is going down and is in a downtrend. The power of getting in first to new altcoin projects.
Discovering them before anyone else. İt’s so crazy to think of buying polygon matic back at a penny. Watching it just absolutely explode.

1- VLaunch

İf we go to we can see that there is already more than 5 million total v-pad token staked.
And if you stake your vpad tokens you’ll be able to participate in new igo projects. In fact, rainmaker just listed today.
And coin web is going to be listing very very soon. We’ll talk about coin web in just a second.

But I wanted to talk to you more about v-pad. İf we take a look at the chart a dollar ten for each token at the time of this writing.
And you can see it started at approximately six to eight cents. İf you would have been one of the early ones into this project you’d be sitting on some very nice profits.

2- Coinweb

Let me share with you some new projects that I believe have polygon matic potential.
As you can see coin web is going to be coming very soon to v-pad and v-launch. If we head on over to their Twitter they have 36 000 followers at the time of this writing.

What is Coinweb Altcoins

what is coin web and how can you get it first. Coinweb is a cross-chain computation platform.
Fixing some of the biggest blockchain problems today. They are creating a usable blockchain technology that’s more collaborative better connected and accessible for everyone.

With their distributed ledger technology which will be spread across multiple different blockchains and systems.
Coin web is going to be unifying blockchains closing the gaps between solutions and integrating new technology achievements into the space.

İn short, they’re going to be securing a fast reliable connection solution to the biggest issues facing blockchain today.
And this is all going to be running on coin web interchange architecture. Coin web will also have cross-chain token insurance.

This will keep Altcoins:

Actions fast secure and liquid without additional steps or repeat movements across multiple blockchains.
We are moving into web 3 and decentralized web.
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What that really means. Is there’s going to be a lot of different blockchains and a lot of different moving pieces.

And because there’s a lot of different blockchains. You may need to move money from avalanche to Cardano from Cardano to Binance Smart Chain from Binance marching to ethereum.

And so on and so forth. Coin web is going to be solving a lot of these issues. İn fact one of the issues is if your project is on one of these blockchains.
And for whatever reason, it has a failure. Or for whatever reason, it gets slowed down. Let’s say you built your project on ethereum.