Among the various kinds of trophies and awards the acrylic awards stand out among the best in quality and beauty. But, it is also essential to remember that there are several kinds of acrylic in terms of quality; the superior and the inferior type. Thus, it is ideal for you to get more insights about the various types of awards in order to help you make the wise choice on the right type that are just perfect for the people who deserves due recognition.

Firstly, it is ideal to know the reasons:

Why acrylic awards are much better than the other types of awards and trophies like plastic, wooden, and metal. In terms of elegance, glass and acrylic and plastic are very ideal because of its exquisite looks and unique beauty.
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But, acrylic is more expensive among these three types yet its quality is also the best.

Acrylic projects clear and transparent looks that bear resemblance to glass and plastic; but its properties are way much better than glass on some ways. One of the distinct properties that make it superior to glasses is its ability to absorb shock; since most acrylics are shock-resistant. Hence, it works almost at par with plastic when it comes to shock-absorption.
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That is why acrylic awards:

Best top performers in the company who truly deserve the best for jobs well done. They are the cream of the crop in the company and they also well deserving to give proper recognition by awarding them with awards and trophies make of utmost quality and excellent beauty.

It is highly beneficial to note that there are actually two major acrylic types; the cell cast type and the extrud kind. Extrud is otherwise known as continuous cast which is inferior to the other type because it make using much cheaper processing method. And it also contains more impurities compar to the other type. Thus, if the acrylic awards are more expensive then they are more likely making of cell cast acrylics while the least expensive ones are the continuous casts.

Hence, the best type of Acrylic award:

The most expensive as well, is the cell cast acrylic awards and trophies because it is made of the highest standard in quality. It is more resistant to shock and scratches; as well as exudes more brilliance and utmost beauty; truly ideal for deserving employees.