German states have virtually gone from the contact tracing of COVID cases A senior health official has advised. A few regions are suffering from staff shortages and the development of the omicron variant isn’t helping.

German Health authorities in Germany are trying to identify the connections of COVID-19-related cases during the winter-time wave of the pandemic Ute Teichert, the chair of the Federal Association of Doctors in the Public Health Service has declared.

In an interview, which was published on Friday in RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND), Teichert claimed that “comprehensive follow-up of the coronavirus case] gone in the present.”

In reality many German states have suspended the hunt for contact information of people infected such as Baden-Wurttemberg, Berlin and Hamburg Teichert stated.

Contact tracing agencies are concentrated on recording “numerous coronavirus-related infections,” she explained, in the wake of an increase in the number of infections recently, caused by the appearance of the highly-transmissible Omicron variant.

“Unlike those who have the Delta variant officials must issue a quarantine to Omicron-infected individuals and those who are their contacts regardless of their health status of the vaccination.”

Teichert also said that the significant rise in Omicron cases in the coming weeks will pose a challenge to contact tracer.

“Many Germans believe that they are not required to be declared a contact victim due to the fact that they are vaccination-free. This isn’t true,” the health official cautioned.

Staff members are stressed and under stress.
Although tracing teams have been supported for a short time by students and military personnel Teichert noted that there’s been an “massive change” in the number of staff members for about two years.
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“We always have to train new employees, develop new processes, and supply the technology — but every time, it’s just for a couple of weeks before the whole thing is scaled back. This is not a solution,” she said.

A senior health official has stated that Germany’s numbers of infection aren’t accurate over holidays like Christmas or New Year holidays.

A smaller number of test facilities will remain operating during the holiday season Some German states will be reporting low levels of infection due to staff absences and office closings.

A medical statistician Bertram Haussler told Die World publication that the country will slide “into in ignorance” for the next three weeks.

Tino Sorge, health spokesman for the conservative group in the Bundestag and the Bundestag, has cautioned that “omicron is not taking the time to rest during Christmas,” and that lower reported daily caseloads could lull Germany into the “false sensation that it is secure.
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The day before, Germany has reported 35,431 newly diagnosed cases as well as 370 deaths, according to figures provided by the Robert Koch Institute for disease control.