If an interesting study on sleep is anything to go by, school children who get nice and sound sleep at night do better in mathematics and languages. A group of researchers at McGill University and the Douglas Mental Health University Institute in Montreal have found this interesting link.

The authors of this study have published the findings in the journal Sleep mathematical. In this article, we will try to look at the ways by which children improve their processing ability with a good sleep at night based on this study.

Study on Sleep Efficiency

This interesting study has brought out the link between the “sleep efficiency” and higher academic performance in maths and languages. These are the key subjects that predict the success of wards in their future pursuit of learning and academic success. Sleep efficiency is a gauge to measure the sleep quality. It is nothing but the ratio of amount of real sleep time to the total time spent on bed.

Though other academic research projects have found out the links between sleep and general academic performance, this is for the first time a study has examined the impact of sleep quality on report-card grades of children in specific subjects. The members of this sleep study have found that children did better in mathematics and languages if they had greater sleep efficiency.
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However, the group could not find any correlation between the grades in science and arts subjects with the change in sleeping pattern. The study monitored the night-time sleep of children using a device called actigraphy. It evaluates the sleep by measuring the movements on the bed. The research team studied about 75 healthy children between 7 and 11 years of age for this project.

Mathematical Analysis of Results

The study has found out that the executive functions such as planning, paying attention and multitasking get affected on sleep deprivation. These higher mental skills, which humans in general have, greatly affect the performance in mathematics and languages. It has also found that short or poor sleep also adds to the poor academic performance in children due to their inability to execute executive functions effectively. However, this aspect is most often ignored by parents of the children. For the output parity, the scientists averaged the results over 5 nights to build the children’s habitual sleep patterns. They later correlated the data with report-card grades these wards got in that period. Regular screening for possible sleep issues is particularly important for students. Who show difficulties in math, languages or reading, the researchers have opined in light of this study.

Lack of sleep affects various biological factors, which include higher cognitive functions such as thinking, computing, processing, etc. This finding is time-tested.

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